Saturday, April 11, 2009

Need Food Inspiration Fast

Too bad I didn't make up the recipe to these Pumpkin Donuts - 'cause they're good

I am addicted to reading Cookbooks from the Library. Every week on my library day (Wednesday) I check out several new cookbooks to peruse over, dream about, and very rarely cook from. Currently I have a Pillsbury Bakeoff contest cookbook.

What's a Pillsbury Bake Off? I wondered this myself. It's a contest that anyone (well, 18 and over) can enter, and then win lots of money, or at least be one of 100 finalists and get a free trip to Orlando. Plus all of the associative fame (ignore the fact that I'd never heard of the bakeoff before this week.)

There's only three catches. The recipes submitted have to include two ingredients from the approved lists (this is a Pillsbury's Bakeoff, after all), be original, and the deadline is April 20 - Just nine days away. Hmm. So what if I've never invented a recipe with the approved list of ingredients, let alone ever used most of the premade ingredients in my daily (monthly) cooking? It could happen, in nine days, and I could win the $1,000,000 prize and buy me a dream house, right? Right?

I find myself dreaming of going to the bake off - not winning anything, but just being recognized as a good cook. I could wear cute clothes on TV, too. Not that I'm shallow, or anything. So, anyone have an awesome original recipe they want to inspire me with?

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