Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday we went to one of Columbus's Metro Parks - a system of large city parks with nature reserves - for Lydia's Easter Egg Hunt. Lydia got to search for the whole family's candy and goodies, so it was quite the hunt.True to three year old form, Lydia had a hard time finding a lot of the eggs and goodies on her own.Even though we placed the eggs right out in the open, often Avram or I would point them out to her as she raced gaily by, completely oblivious to the actual loot.
Lydia loved the hunt regardless, and was always very excited when she found an egg or toy.I finally took pictures to my heart's content, after being cooped up inside for all winter. Although it was still windy and cold, it was sunny and I loved being outside. Lydia abandoned the Hunt long before everything was found.

Avram and I finished it up ourselves, while she played on the playground. Meanwhile, Elisheva tried to finish up her morning nap, and that being impossible settled for playing in her stroller and sampling the plastic eggs.

She seemed to find them quite tasty. Lydia got straight to work finding the true meaning of Easter Egg HuntsSo did her daddy (And me, but luckily there's no pictoral proof, since I'm the picture taker).


  1. Ohmigoodness, I know it's been only since November, but your girls - they've grown!

    Yay for Easter egg hunts.

  2. so... are those sandles in her easter basket?? hehe you hid sandals? lol. I love all the pictures. And how cute lydia looks with her pigtails. her hair has grown so much!! its longer than mine so i am super jealous. And avram you look so thin!

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  4. Lydia's hair has grown a lot and two cute pictures of her in a row. Isn't that a bit much? I love it. Thanks for posting.

  5. Cute photos.

    One of my oft-repeated stories is of a birthday party we went to for a three-year-old when Isaac was 2 or 3, with a pinata. When the pinata was broken, all the tots ran and grabbed ONE piece of candy each and started eating it, while their parents shouted, "There's more there! Get more! Get a candy bar for Mommy!"

  6. I love pictures! And I love the little stuffed Peeps, too cute. And peering into Lydia's basket, did you make the little, are they ducks or chicks? If so, I want you to make me some, they are too freaking cute. It looks like you had a lot of fun. We miss you and your family!

  7. My Visiting Teacher in England knitted them for us. She did give me the instructions...somewhere....but I can dig them up for you in time for next Easter, I'm sure.

    Yeah, I didn't want Lydia to get tons of candy (too late), so I gave her some other stuff too - among them her Summer Sandals. Bought at Goodwill. Hey, she loved them as much as Candy.