Friday, March 4, 2011

Miss Delacourt Has her Day, and I Want Mine Too

The cover to Heidi Ashworth's newest book. Romantic, no?
The Sequel to Miss Delacourt Speaks her Mind, by Heidi Ashworth, is coming out. You need to know a few important things about these books - one, they're Regency Romances, two, they're light hearted and funny, and three, they're clean. Not technically important, but four, Heidi Ashworth reads this blog, and she's a published author - which means that I am basically famous, plus obviously someone who can actually write and put coherent sentences together has read about my life, and once I remember she actually commented (on another blog? The details are so hazy now) about me being educated, or learned. Or a reader. Or something that made me feel special. And fifth, go and read this post, and then skip to the bottom, to the links.

What, you don't follow links? Fine, I'll just tell you here. Heidi Ashworth put a virtual acknowledgments page on her blog, and I was on it. Yes, folks, see, I was not making up the fact she knows my name. Ahem, not that that is important to this post.

What is important to this post, is that if you want to know more about Ginny and romance and England in the regency period (think Jane Austen), then you should check out the book reviews to Miss Delacourt Has her Day going on in March, that Dunhaven Place is linking to. Also, you can sign up for a giveaway to win an original painting based on the cover of the first book, Miss Delacourt Speaks her Mind. It's a beautiful (I was going to say the type of rose it was, but I forgot. Mea culpa) rose.

And finally, if you like roses, or beautiful things, you should check out Heidi's blog, period. This is an image from Heidi's blog, of some of her home decor and roses. Are those roses not breathtaking?
She grows amazing roses, and has beautiful (yes, my stash of good adjectives has deserted me) home decor as well - think Victorian, and feminine.

Note - both images are used from Heidi Ashworth's blog. If they have any ownership and beauty, it all goes to her. I'm just trying to beautify my blog post, and I have neither pretty pictures of roses nor of Miss Delacourt.