Friday, September 10, 2010

The post that took a month to write (and has nothing to show for it).

Avram blessed Guinevere on Sunday, and to come and participate came almost the whole Shannon clan (just missing Joshua's wife Missy.) We went to a flea market, Kirtland, and then today the Zoo. Also one Tuesday the boys went to see Ironman II and the Women (all except Aleatha, who stayed home with a sleeping Abraham) went to How to Train Your Dragon, which we all really enjoyed. We also celebrated Avram's 29th birthday, which is coming up this Friday, but we'll be camping then.

So...this was written only a month or so ago. Not bad, huh? My sister Camilla was laughing at me the other day, because she said after she had her third kid and stopped posting, and I would give her a hard time. And now I have a third kid, and have stopped posting. I feel overall very balanced with our Guinevere, but I admit I have yet to figure out have to have any me time, including posting yet.

Speaking of Guinevere, she is now 14 lbs 4 oz - but has hovered at 14 pounds for a few weeks, so I think she (for the moment) has balanced out in her weight. Also, she's 21 1/2 inches long, and most importantly, she learned how to roll over this past Monday. At first I thought it was a fluke, but she has done it every day since then, and has taken to rolling on to her stomach to sleep, and has even rolled over twice in a row. She won't even be three months for over a week; Lydia and Elisheva both learned how to roll at four months, but this is by and away much sooner. Unfortunately, now I have to re-arrange sleeping arrangements. Guinevere currently sleeps with us, but now that she can roll, it makes me nervous to have her nap on our bed. We can set up her crib, but we only have two crib mattresses, which are currently in use as toddler bed mattresses for Lydia and Elisheva. So, I need to get a twin mattress for Lydia to use, and get rid of her tacky (but free- we got it out of our parking lot. It's also in perfect shape) Disney Princess toddler bed.

We're all done traveling now - we went to Virginia after the picture part of this post was written, and then came home, and a week and a half later went to Tennessee to visit Avram's grandparents and Aunt and Uncle. Now we can just stay in the greater Columbus area for the next three months, until December, when we'll be making what we call our "Yikers Family Vacation" where we'll be driving to Utah, staying for a week, driving to Washington, staying for a week (for a Shannon family reunion), driving to Idaho and visiting my dad and step-mom and staying for two days, and then driving back to Columbus. This trip will take three weeks, six days of which will be spent driving 12 plus hours each day. Condolences are welcome.

I won't promise that I'll write again soon. Who knows, really? But I will promise that I'll want to write again soon.