Sunday, April 5, 2009

Conference Thoughts

Sorry about yesterday's post. See, I had just finished the third book of these experiences, and Avram was gone at Priesthood session of General Conference, and I was all alone, and very frustrated. But today it's sunny and bright, and we're listening to this great new CD I got from Deseret Book for my birthday from my dad with vocal arrangements of hymns, and we're going to watch two sessions of Conference today, and I am happy. I just want to say publicly that I would never physically harm my husband, that I love him, etc & etc.

I love conference weekend. Being born on October fourth, and my half birthday on April fourth, I early came to realize that like anyone born on some sort of holiday or holyday I could either come to love or hate the overlapping of religious celebrations. I've chosen to love it, although it certainly has flavored my birthday through the years. How many of you have much cause to remember your half birthdays, though? Mine was yesterday, and I marked it well as I watched conference.

I love the sense of renewal, of remaking a commitment to be a better Latter-day saint that comes through conference. I love how usually one or two talks stand out to me. This time it was Robert D. Hale's talk about debt and Quentin Cook's (I can't remember his middle initial. This is rather shocking. R, maybe?) talk, which theme suddenly escaped this as I write, but which Avram assured me was about hell, and Richard G. Scott's talk about temples. (Although what a sad story about his two children! Combined with the previous talk about the drowned three year old girl and fatal car accident, there were quite a surplus of sad stories). I do love our temples.

I realize that if you are not LDS (Mormon) this post will not make much sense. In that case, if you're curious, I refer you to, which will answer some basic questions. Also, starting at 10:00 am M.S.T. Conference will start again today, that you could watch online (look at


  1. Pres. Monson just killed off 4 German children - the sad stories aren't ending!

  2. And the digging the graves with a spoon? It's too sad to be fiction. Certainly my life suddenly felt uncomplicated and easy after that story.

  3. hmmm how come my comment didnt show up? i am so sad. :( seriously half my comments never appear. are you deleting them? come on thora tell me the truth ;) anyways i was just commenting about all the sad babies dying too. i commented earlier before either of you did. can you imagine sending a baby to a watery grave?? cory actually asked me if we had to do that if i would just drop him over board or throw him.... ya.... like i am going to hold my baby like a football and see how far into the ocean i could hurl him!! seriously my husband says the weirdest things sometimes!

    so ya all those stories really made me sad. and i dont remember there being so many dead children in one conference before. is it just me?? maybe i just never notticed before all my children, or before i actually burried one of them. hmmm. anyways the worst was when her baby died in her arms and she dug the grave with her bare hands. was there not any nice saints to lend her a spoon at least to bury her last family member?? so sad and depressing and disturbing i was cringing and trying not to listen by the end of that story for fear of traumatizing my children with heart wrenching sobs!!

    anyways i will send this off to blogspot land and hope it makes it to you thora, and if it does dont delete my comment!! :) :) ( the extra smilies are because i know you hate them)

  4. okay i have mommy brain. i think i commented before on your facebook. *insert sheepish grin and blushing*

    but hey here is an extended verion for you and your blog readers.

    love you!

  5. I think there were alot of dead babie stories this time too. but I wonder if I just never noticed either, because i remember my mom saying she hated "the dead babie talks". So its not like its never been used before. I think it is bcause that is the most sad thing in the world and there for it is used to make a story touching. To tell you the truth it bothers me. mostly because it is some poor mothers wrenching heart ache being told to the world, and I like my heart ache to stay private. I think that those wemon were mostly all pioneers, so they are not alive anymore. but still. I would hate for my heart ache to be used in a talk by someone other then me. Plus I want to hear happy uplifting messages, cause when i hear those I tune out so my heart wont break. so thats my two cents and then some.

  6. I didn't mind the sad stories. After, the point wasn't that the children died, but afterwards that their parents lived and were happy in the Gospel, and that through their temple covenants they would see their children again. Plus Elder Scott was talking about his own children, so obviously he didn't mind talking about them.

  7. Thanks for your comment on my blog, Thora. We actually went to bed really early so we could just talk about other, happy stuff, instead.

    The dead baby talks actually helped me feel much better about my life. My problems aren't that bad, really. :D