Saturday, April 11, 2009

How Will You Know We Are Cool Unless I Show You?

I need to post lots of pictures, because now I'm paranoid that if I don't get my pictures online then they never really happened.

So here's our week in review.

First, after reading lots of Little House books, I had to have pioneer hair for a day.
I braided my hair in two braids, and then wrapped them around my head. I felt very pioneery, and it was surprisingly easy to do.

Then, also yesterday, we as members went to the Columbus Zoo for a special event they're doing today. We rode the train.
And got lots of candy. Not that we needed any extra candy in our lives, as we've been getting ready for Easter. Also yesterday we died eggs for our Easter egg hunt.
Lydia loved dying the eggs. I loved feeling all crafty and cute as a family. Notice that I cleaned the table off, so we even the kitchen is cute. Plus the religious lily as well. I went to a BYU exhibit once at the MOA (Museum of Art), and they had many pictures about Christ, the Atonement and the Resurrection. In the Resurrection room there was a huge vase of lilies in the center of the room, so the whole room was filled with the heady fragrance of (what to me was) resurrection personified.

I love both aspects of Easter - the more pagan celebrations of the rebirth of spring, plus the Religious celebration of Christ's Resurrection. We even have Lamb and a sort of Passover dinner every Easter, with Charoset and a Sader plate and Matzo. Can't have too much religion, we think. And the Lamb from Passover works so well to transition into Christ as the Lamb dying.


  1. fin stuff. I like our new pic up top, I also LOVE the color of your kitchen chairs!

  2. I love it. We didn't get out sader meal this year but we did do a Easter egg hunt with the grandkids--maybe we will turn it into a sader in years future. I did do a little presentation at the beginning about the resurrection and each child opened an egg which contained a picture of someone important to them. We will continue to do this each year as each year they understand more. I think next year I will add one of the Easter songs with sign language--at least a few basic signs. Probably we won't sign the whole song as they are still so young.

    I love the picture of Lydia with her hands at her face. That one is the one I will put on my wall.

    Love ya,

  3. Your babies are getting so big! Lydia is looking quite grown up. Where do they get their fat, pinch-able cheeks?

  4. I remember reading in one of the Little House books that Laura could wrap her braid around her head more than once. Just one braid! I read in her book "On the Way Home" that her hair was ankle-length and very thick!!!

  5. WOW! These pictures really show how much Lydia looks like you. It's almost like you gave birth to a clone of yourself.

    You have such an adorable family! Happy Easter.

  6. finally a picture of the famouse chairs! they look really cute! your hair looks nice like that. I could never pull off that doo since my hair is so thin it would look funny. I could pull off some pigtails like lydias but alas its not in style i guess if your pushing 30?? :) your meal sounds divine! i love lamb and it reminds me of easter since we would have that at grandma's. I dont even know how to make any of those things you listed. are they hard? you should post pictures and recipies of the food!!