Sunday, April 12, 2009

An Easter Message

The Missionaries in our ward have been meeting with us to help us share our testimonies of the restored Gospel with others (specifically so far our testimonies of Joseph Smith, The Plan of Salvation, and the Resurrection). As I am a hermit mom, and don't know anyone outside of our ward here, and even with the people I do know I still never seem to leave the house or see them, I have yet to fulfill one of these commitments.

Plus, I'll tell you a secret. (Does it count as a secret anymore if I put it on the Internet, where anyone in the whole wide world of 6 billion could, with a computer and Internet Connection could view it?) I'm rotten at Missionary work. It's not an issue of testimony. Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the single most important aspect of my life. In truth, it's not just an aspect at all - it is my life. Everything in my life is built upon my membership and underlying testimony of the truthfulness of this Gospel. Avram and I were married in the Salt Lake temple for Time and all Eternity. Our family, our daughters and us, are built on this foundation of Jesus Christ, and as a homemaker for my family I do what I do every day because families are forever, and my family and raising my daughters, plus creating a Christ-centered home, is important to me.

In a vacuum, I want to shout these truths from the rooftops, to all around me. How I love my life, because I know that Jesus Christ died and was resurrected for me, how much meaning and direction this LDS church gives me. How important ordinances (like baptism or temple covenants) are to bind us to Heaven, like the Hymn, "Come thou Font of Every Blessing" which says;

Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it,
Prone to leave the God I love;
Here's my heart, O take and seal it,
Seal it for Thy courts above.

(Thanks to Lisa for making me think of this hymn today and unknowingly letting me borrowing the lyrics from her.)

This Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is what seals my heart to His courts up above.

In reality, I get shy around others, and the more important that something is to me, the more I struggle with sharing it. My own fears and thoughts paralyze me. Not to mention I haven't been very good at making friends outside the church here, because my social life is organized through the Church. I've always struggled with Missionary Work. But, in my head, and in my heart, I still want to shout it from the rooftops. Or at least today, from the blog-tops.

Because today of all days, the day we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ, is what sets us apart in our Christian Religion. Today we know - I know. I know that Christ rose from the tomb, and has made a way for everyone to also rise again, and live forever. And that if I, if we, live righteously then we can live with Him forever. I love the renewal of spring in Easter - the daffodils, tulips and lilies. I love the pastel spring colors and the Easter egg hunts. But most of all I love that we celebrate Jesus Christ.

I hope that anyone reading this who is a member of the restored church can reiterate what I'm saying here today. And if anyone isn't a member, let me tell you that if you are struggling in your life - if you feel your life lacks value, even if you are happy in your life--there is something more. If you're curious, email me, or check out the Church's website, for answers.


  1. That's a lovely photo and lovely testimony. Thanks for sharing them. (And thanks for changing your commenting format so it works for me now!)

  2. Thank you for this lovely testimony. I'm kind of a hermit mom, too. Except I don't have a ward around me forcing me to get out and do stuff.

    I love your reflection on the "Seal it for Thy courts above." That word "seal" really is a powerful word! I think when we make covenants in the temple we are offering him our heart, and it is through those covenants that he DOES seal it for his courts. Awesome.

    By the way, I know how you feel about not being great at missionary work, but you do a terrific job here on your blog, just so you know. :)

    (and as a personal aside since this post is old and nobody will read this but you, I have felt very down about not being able to share the gospel or influence people (which I've never been great at anyway). Members of the church here always tell me that just my family being at church makes a huge difference as an example for members and investigators etc., but that's not me trying to make a difference. That's me attending church, hello. Recently, though, a missionary that is the President of our branch told my husband that one of the investigators (a soccer player from Africa who had decided not to join the church because his mother would disown him, but still attended meetings sometimes) had had something click while listening to my testimony one fast Sunday and decided to be baptized. I've not seen him since then and had no idea about it at the time, but apparently now he's a member and is living in Warsaw. I know that's not about me, obviously, but it is so helpful for me to realize that just doing my normal things might help someone.

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