Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Write, Help People, And Become Famous All At Once


In order to help out NieNie and also because sometimes I think I'm funny, I entered this contest, which is done by Sue the Blogger who wanted to help. For those who as a matter of principle don't follow links, she's going to put together a book and publish it (she's a writer) and then all of the proceeds will go to NieNie. Anyway, I sent in a little number about DI and me (and my clothing) experience (If I get published, you'll just have to wait and read it. If not, then I'll put it on here. If you already know me, then you already know this story anyway, and know that sometimes, my life is funny.)

Which happens to be the name of the contest/book, Sometimes Life is Funny.

Sue needs lots of people to participate and enter, so it'll be a good book and make lots of money, becuase the Nielsons' recovery will go into the millions and they need lots of money. Also, if you feel like being nice to people, you should also donate to my brother in law, who had a stroke recently and is still recovering, and he and my sister need lots of money too, except she's not famous, so everyone in the blogosphere isn't helping them. So they need your money.

It can be previously published on a post, so you can go through and sort and find your funny moments, because I know you all have them. Also, it's especially great if it's original and all that.


  1. I've been mulling over my potential submission for ages now but I just can't "find the funny." Argh!

  2. Thora, you should also submit your eating sea food story and deer in the garden. I was literally rollying on the floor reading them. I have copied them out if you need easy access.