Monday, September 22, 2008

Lydia Gets in Touch With Her Inner Grunge Self

My daughter is is a cross between Courtney Love and the Spice Girls. I have proof.
A. the blond, messy hair, inspired by Courtney Love (Footnote One). Also the weird expression (although a lack of red lipstick). I just hope Courtney never did this to the Paparazzi.Or maybe she did, but they weren't sure who they were seeing.It's a sure fire way to get the Paparazzi to leave you alone. I promise.

B. the uber short baby doll dress.
The baby doll dress recalls to mind the Spice Girls. Except I bet the Spice Girls never actually wore a real baby doll's dress. This (inside out) dress actually belongs to Lydia's Amish doll, made by the Amish. I also bet the poor Amish had no idea of the comparisons this dress would go through....

Lydia had me put it on her after she first had me dress two of her dolls in it.
At the same time. They were the Siamese twin dolls. They even shared a bonnet.

Did I mention that this baby doll dress (inside out) was the only clothes Lydia wore at all until the late afternoon (last week)?

See, my daughter is the grunge queen. The Nineties Courtney/Spice have nothing on her. She didn't even let me touch her overnight diaper until the late afternoon as well. Now, that is grunge.

Footnote One: I spent way too much time looking at pictures of Courtney Love to put on here, but then I wasn't sure what was or wasn't covered by copyright, and also they were weird, so I didn't. But you should look and see, and you'll see how scary the grunge movement was too.


  1. What a darling little rocker you have there! She really has the look down in that first picture. She's also got the modesty level down pretty well, too!

    Great comparison. Cool that you have a doll made by the Amish!?

  2. It's a cool doll; an all cloth body, with two changes of clothes. I can brag about it, because Lydia's grandma (my mother in law) gave it to her.

    We actually live in Amish Country here in Ohio, and I really want to respectfully go and be touristy around them, because I've always been fascinated with the Amish lifestyle and have read lots of books about them.
    Thora (this is my husband's id and I'm lazy).

  3. So cute. Three little baby dolls. The first is definitely the cutest.

  4. They are cute pictures--but I do not recommend doing a google image search of Courtney Love. It is dangerous. And from the little I saw, I'm fairly certain she has done exactly what Lydia did to the poperazzi, and no, it would not make them leave her alone.

  5. I'm guessing that Courtney Love wasn't wearing a full diaper if/when she ever pulled that move on the Paparazzi. I think that would be under the "grungy" rather than "grung" category.

    Sorry I'm commenting on all your old posts, apparently I missed your blog when I added everything to my Google Reader.

    And it's real annoying that Reader only puts the first paragraph or so in there. I have to go to your actual post to read the rest of your goodness, and then what's the point of Reader??