Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Life by Numbers

9 phone calls to set up Utilities/Address Change.

3 of those calls to the wrong companies (it wasn't my fault. You have to find out whose power you're under by trial).

36 total minutes spent waiting to bad music.

33 of those minutes spent waiting to find out I was talking to the wrong companies.

96 dollar Electricity deposit.

3 dollars spent for the privilege of paying my Electric deposit over the phone.

1 apartment changed because the neighbors flooded (it's still in the same court). (This also caused some confusion with setting up of Utilities).

1 1/2 hours spent setting up life in Ohio over the phone today.

2 times Avram took the road test at the DMV and failed last week, because he's not comfortable with a stick, although he can drive.

3 times you're allowed to take the road test in Virginia without having to take a driver's Ed class before testing again.

1 White Toyota Automatic lent to him by a friend at work (whom we love forever.)

45 minute drive this morning to the DMV for a driving test.

10 minutes we spent searching for the car registration, which is needed to take the road test.

2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, years of registration found in the car.

2008 Year of registration not found in the car.

45 minutes driving home this morning without having taken the driving test.

1 2008 year of registration obtained from the owner.

45 minutes driving this afternoon to the same DMV.

1 1/2 hour wait at said DMV.

1 passed driving test.

1 new Driver's License for Avram.

1 husband still not home because of the horrible northern Virginia traffic.

4 People going out to eat to celebrate.

How was your day?


  1. Oh no that sounds so bad!
    I hope that things go better for you. I love you
    I am glad that he was finally able to get his license.
    Hope that the rest of your packing/moving/settling
    I love you

  2. YAAAAY! I'm so glad Avram was able to get his license, against so many evil forces! Hopefully the worst is over.

    BTW, Lydia looks fabulous in her cloth diapers.

  3. So glad you're going out to celebrate and that things turned out well. Sounds like a hugely frustrating day!

  4. Oh the joys of moving! And the joys of the DMV. And the joys of finding documents that you don't use regularly. A truly joyful day for you!

    And way to be positive about it! You're just giving facts (fun to read) with no complaining commentary! Look how well you're doing! It sounds like you TOTALLY deserve to complain about a day like this!

  5. Congratulations, Avram! One hurdle passed you'll not have to pass again at least not in the same way.

  6. love the bare facts. it was fun to read. congrats on getting utilities set up and on avram getting his liscence

  7. I'm glad it all worked out in the end. Wish it could have been smoother, but c'est la vie.

    (I thought of you at the Goodwill half-price sale on Monday. They had totally cute girl diaper covers, brand new. It almost hurt to pass up such a great deal. :)

  8. Pshew. This is why I avoid all those papers in the pile on my desk; I know how many unpleasant minutes it will consume when I finally address them.