Thursday, September 11, 2008

Meesa Back!

America's online. At least, the Shannons are online. After much lateness (two days, with two phone calls), our phone was set up today (we have DSL, so we had to have a phone line before an Internet connection) by a very nice man, who spent three hours fixing all the broken connections between our jacks, the local phone pole, and the main line.

(Insert picture here that I took of him.)

He had to go all through our house because every phone jack needed to be checked. I was a little embarrassed, because our bedroom looked like a war zone between nations of boxes,

(Insert another picture I didn't even get around to taking here, because honestly, it would be great to have it, but I only have five minutes to write this post before I need to go and work on reducing the piles of half empties boxes [our room is where all the complicated, miscellaneous boxes go to die], so I don't have time to import, downsize, upload, and post a picture. Use your imagination)

So now we're connected again. Which is very nice. Although once again, I have to go because I have so much to catch up on, that I can't justify spending the time over unpacking (see previous paragraph).

Also, I was going to write another post about feeling white trash, but I read the comments, and had to laugh, because as Travis says I do always worry about being white trash. Honestly because I grew up without any money. Although I like to think I was genteel poor. Like the Alcotts. And now I've decided I'm not poor, I'm intelligentisia. Or bohemian. That's why I have six bookshelves in my house, with no TV (although I want one for watching our DVDs), but also why I washed our clothes at a laundrymat this morning, because we don't have a Washer and Dryer yet.

The End, before I feel really bad that Avram is doing all the work.


  1. yaaay!!!!! Thora's back!

    Samuel will probably be calling you tomorrow. We got your number from Dad.

  2. LOL White trash story.

    I was at the Minnesota State Fair a while back . . . home of impulse buying of all things fried. And I got talked into buying a really nice hair-thing for making an up-do. I really like the piece; thought it would be a good look for my sister's (no-longer-)upcoming wedding. So I just left it in my hair . . . easiest place to carry it. And then I caught sight of myself in a window, wearing t-shirt, jeans, sandals, sunglasses, and a piece-y up-do. I was the most white trash thing I'd ever seen in my entire life. It was simultaneously embarrassing and hilarious. And because it was the State Fair, I blended right in.

  3. Hey, let us know your phone number.

  4. Oh! Good luck getting settled the rest of the way in! LOVE the pics!

  5. I'm glad you're back. Happy New Home and all that jazz.

    Liking the pictures.

  6. Ha ha. I always worry about being white trash too. Bohemian. Yah. I can dig that. Thats totaly what I'm going with from now on.

    (and I think laundrymats make EVERY one feel white trash, there is just no way around it.)

  7. Hey!!! I can't believe you went through all of that. Moving is so hard! Thanks for all you do. I love you

  8. You're so cute. I grew up "genteel/bohemian poor" myself.

    Marrying a guy who ended up as an eye doctor has seriously messed with my head, let me tell you.

    Happy unpacking - so glad you're back...sort of, anyway.

  9. Glad you got there safe.
    So how was your trip? Anything Memorable between Virginia and Ohio?

  10. Well, I drove most of the way, so it was memorable to me if noone else.