Saturday, September 20, 2008

Chiffon Cake, Anyone?

I made my second experimental dessert, a Chiffon cake. A shiffon cake is something like a cross between an Angel Food Cake and a Sponge cage. Thankfully this one turned out far better than my last experiment.
(Notice it's the same serving platter as the last time. I'm all about newness and ingenuity).

I was craving having something with the strawberries I bought yesterday, and sponge type cakes, with whipped egg whites really do go so well with berries. However, I've actually made an Angel Food Cake since Avram and I have been married, so that was out.

After seeing me take a picture of one portion, Lydia wanted a picture of her cake too.
She really like this dessert (she thought it was a birthday cake, and that we were having a party). Lydia especially liked the toppings.
After she ate off two servings of cream and strawberries she finally ate the piece itself.

This afternoon Avram told Lydia that after her nap and when I got back (I was gone at a Scentsy party - scented wax you melt and release scents for your home in. They smelled good but I didn't get any.) that she could have some cake and cream and strawberries. She got up before I returned (I was going to bring the whipped cream home with me) and was insistent on her afternoon dessert. When Avram told her that we had no cream, she made him open the refrigerator door and firmly pointed out the container of sour cream.

"Cream" she called out decidedly, and so sour cream went on her piece. After her first bite, Lydia then told Avram, "You eat it," and wouldn't take another bite.

Finally though, when we did get the cream, she loved it.

Avram and Lydia give it
Two thumbs up. Or in Lydia's case, two finger up, since she can't figure out how to do thumbs.
I only give it one thumbs up, since it would serve basically the same function as Angel Food Cake, but it uses both egg yolks and oil in it, so it's more unhealthy. It does taste good, though.

P.S. Don't worry, I'm not going to up and turn into a food blog. I just felt like shaking up my life a little.

P.P.S. Elisheva didn't have any cake, but I was able to catch her smiling on camera for the first time.
P.P.S. I feel sick right now from how much cake I've eaten today. It's been a lot. Maybe I should start doing vegetable dish experimentations.


  1. Looks like it turned out perfectly! Mmmmmm, sour cream.

    You'll hear no complaints from me if you continue posting about food!!

  2. Oh man, Elisheva just made me start giggling uncontrollably. She's SO CUTE!!!!!!

    And the story about Avram and Lydia and the sour cream was so hilarious!

    And the cake looks yummy. mmmm