Monday, September 22, 2008

The Tragedy

Lydia just woke up (I let sleep in with all the sickness). She was perfectly happy as I came in, and then I told her that she needed to get dressed. She called out for Daddy instead of me. I told her that Daddy had gone to work (the catch all phrase for school, work, studying), and she dropped to the floor in tears. She's still crying as I write.

She keeps on repeating, "Daddy, I want Daddy." I asked her if she wanted me to stay or leave, and she held out her hand and said, "Just leave."

Lydia sure loves her Daddy. We told her about him starting work again, but I don't think it sunk it. The poor girl.

(She really does love me. She just is best friends with her Daddy.)


  1. life must be hard when you're little and everything's a tragedy.

  2. "Just leave", oh, that is so adorable. Sad, of course, but really adorable.

  3. Lily always throws an umbelievable fit when she sleeps in, and misses daddy leaving. and I feel like saying, "daddy come home", too. so that he can make her stop. nothing I do works.except wait. And yesterday I was getting sick too. and my family is geting over it too. and we all fell asleep, and only went to sacrament meeting, well actually I was the only one that went because the girls fell asleep 15 minutes before church, so devin stayed home with them. At that point I thought I was just extreemly tired...turns out I got a splitting head ache too, and woke up this morning sneezing and have a little bit of a scratchy throat. weird how we ar going through the same exact stuff. love you!

  4. I've had those moments with both my girls. It always hurts despite the fact I understand (and sympathize because hey, I miss him too!).

  5. I'm glad Willow hasn't forgotten her Daddy. I work really hard at reminding her of him. We sit and look at pictures of him on the computer, and sometimes she gets to talk to him online. But randomly when I sit down to the computer (which I do about 20 times a day) she will decide it is because we are going to talk to Daddy and she will come sit by me and start asking "Daddy, Daddy?" and if his voice is not forthcoiming, she breaks into fits and screams and cries for "Daddy!!!Dadddy! Daaaadddyyyy!!!" However, when he does get on, she will listen to/talk to him for about 4 seconds, and then she is off to play with something else. Fickle, fickle children.

  6. Both my daughters have sometimes preferred to grieve without my interference. (My sons are more open to parental consolation.)

    When Dean was getting his PhD, I would vacillate between saying he was at work or at school and never settled on one. Now that he teaches at BYU, I still do that, but it still works.