Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yikes, She is Cute

Elisheva continues to become my most favorite toddler. The things she loves most in the world: food, shoes, and going places. Elisheva loves grated cheese,and has learned that if others at the table have a bowl, or spoon or whatnot, she needs one too.She now feeds herself, and delights in it. Elisheva has developed an attachment to shoes, and specifically to once she has shoes on, going outside, and going places. She loves to play in the dirt of my tiny herb garden.
When you take her shoes off at night, she usually cries. Also, once she has her shoes on for the day, and thinks we need to go somewhere as a family, but aren't leaving fast enough, she'll deliberately unsnap her jelly sandals, and then come to you for re-snapping, thus reminding you that we need to hurry up and go, already!

Elisheva has a few words, although she is a slow talker. She'll regularly say, "Mama," "Nana" (banana), "Shoes" (her favorite word, to no-one's surprise), "More Milk!" always said as a command, and occasionally she'll pop out with book, or water, or Lydia, or even Daddy. Today she said cheese. Mostly she uses expressive grunts to navigate herself through the world, which do work quite effectively.


  1. She is cute. She looks a lot like you--like you do now, not like you did as a toddler.

  2. she is really cute!

    and i approve of the cheese stealing.

  3. oh goodness she is cute and those cheeks look so kissable! what a sweetie~ hey out of curiosity what did your girls think of your hair cut?