Tuesday, September 8, 2009

In Desperate Need of Hair Help

This is my hair, at my natural waist. I have spent four years growing it out. And now I want to cut it all off, and have a pixie cut. (And donate the locks to Locks of Love).

I've had short hair before - twice. I just want really short hair. I've never had hair shorter than my ears, but I like how my hair looks when it's all upThat's almost like knowing what you'll look like with short hair, right? Right? Don't think you can talk me out of this hair cutting business. I love having long hair. I love growing my hair long. I just don't love keeping long hair. When I came to college, I started to grow my hair out. By my wedding, it was this long.Five months after this photo was taken, I was pregnant with Lydia, and worked as a window washer at DT every day. And every day I put my hair into a bun at the base of my neck, where it fell out half way through the day into a long scraggly pony tail. And I hated brushing it, because every morning I was too busy throwing up to worry about my hair, so I'd put it into a bun without brushing, which meant every night I was trying to comb through tangles galore. One hot August night I demanded of Avram to get rid of my hair!

I dragged him into the bathroom, handed him the scissors, put my hair in a ponytail, and had him chop off my hair above the elastic band. Then he evened out the result, and voila! A short haircut. Six month after that my hair looked like this.
Although I'm not pregnant, I find I have grown bored with my hair. It gives me ennui, even. Instead of being excited about how long my hair is, I have begun seeing it merely as a burden. As soon as I can figure out the short hair that I want, it's all coming off. So, help me. What I really want is a short layered pixie cut, that's a tiny bit wavy/has short little curl type doo-wops. See, this is why I need help. No one could give me a haircut based on the verbal descriptions I give. Can anyone send me a picture? Please? This time, I think I even want to keep it short for a while (although the often cutting could be a problem - I've never had regular hair cuts in my life).


  1. At first glance in my reader I thought this was a post from Aleatha and then I thought "Aleatha's hair used to be darker." I then I finally figured it out.

    I notice that unlike TAMN you haven't created a poll for us. But if you had, I would vote matching haircut with Lydia.

  2. I think you would look seriously cute/classy with a pixie cut similar to the one Audrey Hepburn once sported. If you go to Google and then click the images link and do an image search for Audrey Hepburn some really great pics come up. The funky, side swept bang would look fab on you.

  3. For example: http://hair-craft.co.uk/files/AudreyHepburn-pixie.jpg

  4. i really liked my short haircut. i got it after cutting off a couple feet of hair, and donating it. the only thing i didn't like was having to pay so much money ($30+) every few months to have it trimmed. so make sure you get a haircut that will grow out well, so you can go several months (this may take trial and error).

    here are pictures of my short haircut. it sounds kind of like what you are describing. it's practically no-maintenance. i told them i wanted a "shaggy, piecey bob" that would look good no matter how i messed it up with my hands. they cut it with a razor blade. that is what makes all the feathery layers -scissors would make a very blunt edge.

    here's what it looked like right after it was cut:


    then maybe two or three months later, it still looked good, maybe even better:


    sorry i don't know how to link to things properly on blogger....

    most trendy salons should know what you mean by a shaggy, piecey bob, and should know to use a razor. it is a pretty popular haircut, i think. i would go to a trendy salon near campus (where hip young people go) and talk to them about what you want. if you're not sure they understand, go somewhere else. be stubborn about it. don't get rushed in to anything. i wouldn't recommend going to a cheaper place, at least for the initial chop. i have never seen the cheaper places use a razor. but i could be wrong.

    that's my advice!

  5. I love it!!! I'm about to do mine short to but the cut I want isn't what you described at all. I am waiting for the pink under the brown to grow out so I can be blond again but you are making me want to just go for it now. I love that you are donating it, I could never do mine because it is always bleached and what-not. It feels cliche to say it but your hair is SO long.

  6. I have a hair style magazine that I just bought a few weeks ago. Lots of short, cute styles in it. I'll bring it for you to look at on Sunday if you are interested.

  7. Yaaaaaaaaay! Thanks for de-lurking at my blog! You are my first de-lurker, and I am THRILLED!

    And I have had a similar hairxperience in the last year. I cut mine very short. I googled short haircut images and Meg Ryan images, because she always has good short hair. I found that I tired quickly of the frequent haircuts and am growing it out again. It looks to me like your hair is thick and luxurious and will look fabulous with just about whatever you do with it.

    I like that Audrey Hepburn idea. And my SIL says her best hairdresser was really shallow, and really stylish, so maybe that's something to look for.

  8. I had my hair short after I graduated college. Unfortunately I don't have pictures at the moment...but yeah, it was way short when i got married. It was kind of nice to try something new for a while, although later Dave told me that he likes it long, so it's down to my mid back now. Except now I've also got Sam, who is 2 months old and likes to grab hair for fun, so I may be "trying something new" soon myself.

  9. You're EXACTLY where I was when Evie was three and David was one. My hair wasn't quite as long as your because mine's extremely fine and it doesn't grow that long, but it was the longest it had ever been and looked great when I blew it dry and it was very straight and blonde. The problem was that I did that maybe three times a year. It was ALWAYS in a low (ugly) ponytail, just to get it out of the way. So I chopped it off. Then I was dying for a pixie cut about a year ago and ended up with something sort of like it, but I did NOT like it on me.

    It seems like you would look super cute with a pixie cut, but I still hesitate to say GO FOR IT!! Just in case. Can't wait to see pictures if you do, though! (and I hope you love it) Love the long hair, though, too!

  10. I hate to tell you that wavy short little curl type doo-wops either come naturally or by curling the hair. I don't think you have the natural curl. Your hair will look more like Lydia's. That doesn't mean it can't be cute--but you may have to curl it which is its own burden.

  11. That's funny. Yours is the third "hair post" I've read this week (not counting the one on that SeriouslySoBlessed Blog) and I've also been considering a drastic cut myself.
    I think a pixie cut would look really great on you! You could use that picture of you with your hair pulled back as sort of a visual. Im excited to see the "after" shots!

  12. You should search in your area for cosmetology schools. They usually let their advanced students cut people's hair, with teacher supervision of course. They only charge $3-7 for a hair cut. They also don't charge for additional services like washing and styling it, which places like great clips do. Which means it's more affordable to get your hair cut more often. And with cutting it so short you want to make sure that they know what they are doing.

  13. I had a friend do that recently. Turns out she had been trying to sell her hair on www.thehairtrader.com but the deal fell though. Weird but I guess she wanted needed the cash bad enough to try. Some ladies donate and others sell and donate the money.

  14. look up locks of love and donate your hair please! Look them up on the internet and you can locate a salon near you that knows the donation process.

  15. Psst. Hey, Thora.

    I vote for this.

    Then we could call you Sinead!

  16. first off because i cant grow my hair long and pretty like you i have to say noooooo dont cut off the pretty hair!!! But really i think you look pretty with short hair, and acutally to contradict mom your hair has enough curl it in i think if you put a little gell or something on your palm and rubbed it in your hair before it dried you could have those cute little curls you talk about. I cant wait to see what you do! I am thinking about getting me a nice wig, maybe i could just buy your hair and make my own! :) My thinning hair is getting pretty embarrassing with bald spots around my crown. I hope it grows back soon!