Monday, September 28, 2009

Autumnal Day

Avram had his second day back at school today, the first one making its appearance last Wednesday. His only teacher was out of town (for his two classes), so we started school, and then immediately dropped back into vacation mode until today. Avram is teaching his first class this quarter, a Biblical Literature class to 26 students. So far his school year has consisted of teaching twice - a different beginning than he's ever had before to school. Despite being very nervous, he has loved his first two days, and feels really positive about teaching.

As for myself, I love Autumn. I love how the air smells, and how the leaves are already starting to turn. I love that my brain, after being sluggish for the summer months, comes alive again. Perhaps because my birthday is in October, perhaps because I love school, and school was always the harbinger of the coming season, but Autumn has always been my favorite time of year.Recently Avram and I re-arranged our living room, because I got inspired on a whim, or as Avram likes to say, I had a bee in my bonnet. I also made up a list of every dinner we've eaten this last year, and organized it by category, so now I have a master list of menus to refer to when I don't know what to plan for menus that week (which happens every week).

Today, my first full official day of homemaking alone since June (Avram took Arabic in the summer, but he was home every day by one or so), I kept busy. I transferred all the girls clothing from Summer to Fall, and re-packed the endless discarded diaper and wipe boxes with the latest offerings of too small clothing. I read from the large Martha Stewart Tome on housekeeping. I'm only in the kitchen, the first room she addresses, but I'm determined to make it clear through to the Attic. Then, feeling motivated, I went and cleaned my kitchen. It was not filthy, but needed the usual light smattering of dish doing, plus sweeping and mopping the floor. Or so I thought. With Martha Stewarts words echoing in my ear, I suddenly realized how filthy my entire kitchen is. It reeks of dirt, in greasy, baked on places. I decided to clean my stove to address the embarrassment residing in one quarter of my home, and discovered that I had neglected cleaning the drip pans for so long that I think they'll never come clean, and also that my stove top can lift up. Who knew? Lydia kept on asking me what I was doing, which made me uncomfortably aware how rare her mother deep cleaning must be. Never the less, I shouldered on, with only comet and a kitchen sponge, and although my Stove is still liably not fit for swine to eat from, its underbelly makes me proud. Besides, compared to when Avram is home, and I want to vacation, it's amazing. Also, I washed and dried (and put away) four loads of laundry today. Yes, I know you don't care about my cleanings, but to me it's all I have to show progress.

Meanwhile, my girls, with a bedroom full of toys from loving relatives, found a box to share.
Mostly they shared it well.
Except when Lydia struggled to share.
Then later today they played together with their baby stroller.
Although Lydia likes sharing here a lot more than Elisheva did.
I look to a return to blogging, now that life is back to routine. And as long as my girls keep entertaining each other.


  1. I was productive too! I folded and put away like four loads of laundry. I washed my bath mats. I also did two loads of dishes and Made Chili from scratch with yummy corn bread on the side! Good job for getting me motivated!

  2. I planted pansies in my front yard. I bought bulbs and will get them in after I visit my Mary.

  3. Go Thora!

    I've heard a lot of women mention their kids asking what they're doing when they're doing some sort of cleaning project. That's cute, but it works both ways. The other day I took Aaron to the potty (he always sits) and his little hand came away from the seat with some white gunk on it. I had NO idea what it was but then realized that the soft scrub was sitting by the toilet. I took him off the seat and found that someone had squirted soft scrub all around the inside of the toilet bowl, almost exactly where I put the toilet bowl cleaner. It was done very cleanly and evenly and it wasn't like loads of it had been squeezed in or anything. Apart from a little that dripped on the toilet seat it was perfectly done. I called Evie and David in to find out which one of them had done it, but they didn't know anything about it. It was Aaron! I was so surprised! So it's not necessarily such a good thing for your kids to see you cleaning, either.

  4. I have a birthday in October too, so it's only natural that we should both love autumn. It really is the best time of year! Your stove (and the story of your children being confused watching you deep clean) sounds all too familiar. It's great when you get the motivation to notice and do something about those areas.

  5. I remember discovering that my stove top rose. That was a sad and happy day. I'll have to stay away from that Martha book. Sounds dangerous.