Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Guess which child at the Library Story Time belongs to me?

Lydia gets so shy around groups of children, although she can be very interactive one on one. Sometimes I despair of knowing how to get her involved, but she isn't sad being on the sidelines. In fact, she comes home excited as anything, so I guess that's just the way she's built. I like to dream that she'll be some amazing author, since she loves to observe people. It really astounds me how much each child comes to Earth with their own little personality intact, even from the day they are born. We can mold and guide them to their best selves, but it is working to make water run uphill to turn them into someone else.


  1. You are correct in that keen observation skills are a great help to an author. Like your new blog look! Sorry I haven't been around all summer (and into the fall .. .)

  2. You couldn't be more right. They are most certainly hard-wired in certain ways. It's our challenge as their parents to nourish and encourage them in the best ways and love those crazy quirks that we can't change!

  3. That sounds a lot like me as a kid, and my mom says that I was definitely that way right from infancy. (So maybe I too could become an author?) :)