Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What happens when you forget to attach the booster seat to the chair, but not to the child...

I was upstairs, and heard some desperate crying....

Recently some friends, who don't have children, were talking about how mothers will often post pictures of their children in trouble, or into something, or whatnot, and then say that they just had to get a picture. I laughed about it, because it's true, these pictures are all over the Internet, and leave you wondering if their child was on fire, if they'd run and get a picture first, before putting them out.

But I admit, I also do the same. I think because as a Mother, there are things that make us laugh, and we just have to share them with someone - telling people about it later doesn't work. We need pictures. And it's not like Elisheva was in danger while I ran and got the camera...she couldn't even move! Also, I think this kind of pictures happen because your kid does something naughty, and you can either laugh, or cry, or take a picture, and scold now and laugh later.
Lydia did this when she was just six months old, while I took a twenty minute nap. She was so proud of herself! Luckily, I was able to re-piece the book together, or I wouldn't think this was a cute picture at all, but instead a catastrophe.

If you're this kind of picture taking Mom, why do you do it?


  1. For me that is a way of keeping it real. We mothers know the difference between cries of complaint and cries of distress. If there is real distress or desperation, no question we would never get the camera, but if they are just complaining about the predicament, I see no harm in gathering evidence to enjoy and share the laugh again.

  2. PS, we have exactly the same high chair.

  3. I'm not a photographer of my children being bad. Actually, I don't really take pictures of ANYTHING. But I will probably never do the pictures of a kid's misbehavior just because it sort of sends the wrong message. "You did something VERY bad and I want to take a picture of it, just like I took a picture of you on your first day of school, when you lost your first tooth, your winning science fair project, etc."

    Not really, but sort of. I sometimes laugh at the bad things my kids do and that sends the same kind of (wrong) message, so there you have it.

  4. Ah, the memories. They're so much more potent when captured on film. Even digital film. I think they're hilarious. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I haven't really caught Josh with red hands on film....some day I will. I think that everyone has that booster seat! I know at leat 3 people here have it...I am sure there are more. I know that I like mine.

  6. speaking of children doing bad things, one of samuel's coworkers told him about a little boy who came up to her, crying, at recess, because he was horrified that he'd said a bad word. in comforting him, she asked what he'd said, and it turns out he'd said the word "butt" in the context of a conversation about monkeys. he'd said, "some monkeys have pink butts."
    and now that i think of it, i still can't say the words "butt" or "shut up" without feeling guilty.

    about the pictures, i think i would probably be the kind of mom who takes them, as long as no one was in pain or extreme distress, or as long as it wasn't something i could get really mad about.

  7. i take the pictures. for one thing it helps to not be so mad about the funny mess they made. also they are a fun reminder to look at later of the ups and downs of mothering. obviously i wouldnt take a picture of Porter ripping up a book, but when a baby does it and doesnt know any better its kind of funny really! And i see no harm in taking the picture since they dont really understand the situation anyways.

  8. Yes, I will take a picture first--IF it's something that won't get even worse while I run to get the camera.

    I know someone from a sewing forum whose son once wrapped her daughter in duct tape, and I'm still kinda sad she didn't get a photo, even though it was probably good that her first instinct was to rescue her near-panicked daughter.

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