Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Did It!

My before picture of my hair. It's wet - so that's why it's kind of scraggly. It reached my natural waist.Don't mind the demon eyes.

My friend that I babysit for cut it for me (she's gone to hair cutting school, and she also cuts Avram's hair - and we babysit so her and her husband can go to the temple. I like trading.)
Although I asked her to cut my hair this morning, when she dropped off her son that I babysit part time, and so I knew all day I would be cutting it, this did not make me feel nostalgic in the slightest over my hair. When she braided my hair, and lopped it off, I didn't feel even a pang of remorse.Look at all that hair! As I mentioned before, I will be sending it into Locks of Love. I've never donated my hair before, since the last time I went drastic with the haircuts it was died, and back then they didn't take died hair - although they do now. But this hair hasn't been died at all - it's all natural. Not that I've ever had anyone ask me that, since I have a very common hair color - but I always secretly wished someone would, so I could tell them it was all natural.

I asked for the shortest cut I felt comfortable with, since I know for sure my hair will grow out, and I wanted to see how I felt about really short hair.
I like it, but I think I'll like it the most when it's grown out an inch or so - so I can make it more feminine with hair products and stuff.
I like this picture, because it looks like I have attitude. I do have attitude. I'm glad I don't look like a man with short hair. Not that I was specifically worried about this, but all the pictures you find when you look up short haircuts are of supermodels or actresses, all of whom have professional stylists and makeup people and genes that tell them what beauty products to use. I don't have any of that, so who knows what the same haircut would look like on me?

After we put the girls to bed, I ran over to CVS, and spent my October allowance and then some on some beauty products - hair stuff (like Gel, but cooler), and mascara and lip stain (like lipstick, only not. It looks like a little marker, but it has a stain. Since Avram and I both hate the taste of lipstick and lip gloss, I thought I'd give it a try.) and eyebrow cold waxing kit thingy, since we don't own any tweezers, and I thought if I could do it all in one go, I'm good with that. I don't usually wear makeup. Actually, I wear makeup on average about every other month or so. But now with short hair, I don't want to look masculine, or frumpy, so I thought I'd buff up my makeup collection.

Then I came home, and put on the lipstain. And it looked orange. Then I tried the eyebrow waxing, which would have been as effective if I'd taken some of our packing tape and used it instead. Then I was sad. Then I blotted off half the lipstain, which I'd apparently way over applied, and my lips did not scare me any longer. I finished up with the mascara, which was at least what I thought it would be (it's waxless, for no clumping), and the hair stuff, which I also liked. Then I felt better, and less like a teenage girl who buys all the wrong beauty products, becuase she has so little experience with them, and no one to tell her what to use. Hey, during my formative makeup years, ie college, I almost never wore makeup. I blame it on being a Granola, and always dating granola boyfriends who thought makeup was weird. Yes, the major boyfriends in my life liked me better without makeup. Where did I find these boys, I tell you.

I just looked up at a hair trader website, and the really long stuff sold for about $2000-$2500. I'd like to think my hair was worth maybe $1500. Doesn't that make me sound rich? After all, this hair had never been blow dried, not even once. It had had zero hair products used on it (well, shampoo and conditioner). I'd never died it, or permed it, or done anything to it. It's like the Gift of the Magi story, although if all she could buy for over a $1000 was a measly watch chain, she was being seriously gypped. And I'm not buying Avram anything with my hair. I like the idea of knowing how much my hair is "worth" although I'm donating it to Locks of Love. It makes me feel rich inside, like I can afford to give thousands of dollars to children who need wigs.

Overall, I'm very happy with the change. And now I shall go have some homemade peach pie, because in all this excitement I ate almost no dinner.


  1. I think it looks so pretty on you!

  2. you are verry nice, i think i would sell the hair if i could

  3. Great makeover. Pretty lady, short sexy hair, what's not to love?

  4. Really cute but where is Thora? In all of those pictures with short hair, you've managed once again not to look at all like you. I don't know how you do it but every now and again, you do.

  5. You look really pretty! The haircut makes your face stand out more, I think. I agree about it growing out a little: every short haircut I've gotten always looked even better about a month later.

    I always went to the beauty supply store after I got my hair cut, too. It's just irresistible somehow.

  6. I think that haircut looks great on you! And you don't look like a boy- you have very nice, feminine features. Cute!

  7. Wow! I love the change. Nothing better than a big haircut to step into fall. That is great! I also love the you will donate it. What a great cause

  8. I think you know I'm biased in favor of short hair, but I totally love it. The short cut highlights your beautiful chin and cheekbones, and basically I just think you're rockin' it!

    And good for you for donating it. That just makes the whole situation so much better.

  9. Looks really good. Betcha never thought you'd hear that from me! I admit it, I'm biased in favor of long hair. Strongly biased. But I think it may look better short. Barbara says the difference between a haircut and a good haircut is two weeks. Remember, that was a GOLD watch chain she bought with her hair. You are REALLY rich.

  10. Cute! But I agree with don't look like you at all!

    Enjoy the short hair!

  11. You look GREAT! What a good cut. You really do pull it off well. I always wanted something kind of wispy in the back like that. I'm all curious about the mysterious hair product. Was it gum? Or wax? Every type of hair wax we've ever had smelled super, super good (which is a weird thing to write in a comment, but whatever).

    I can't tell you how many jillions of dollars I spent on make up as a teen. I've ALWAYS loved make up and I think I kept the CVS (or whatever the equivalent was back then) in business just with my make up purchases.