Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Perfect Title Escapes Me As Well

Aargh! I was putting the finishing touches on a second post for Saga of Sentimentality, and then I had to leave the computer, for something....probably one of my kids. Or I think my sister Mary called. And since I was going to be on the phone, I stayed in the kitchen and gave the first turquoise coat of paint to the bookcase in the girl's room that I'm painting. Thanks to two other sister's phone calls already today I managed to give the second coat of paint to the last of my chairs, and then primer (twice) the bookcase.

I was on a role. I was also still in my pajamas, which are my official paint/working clothes.

Anywho, so I'm talking to Mary, and 40 minutes just flew by, and then we got off, and I finished up the blue coat, but hey! Elisheva's crying. So I ran to her, stripping off my PJs as I went so I wouldn't get blue paint all over the house. After feeding, changing and cuddling, I got dressed, and then came finally came back downstairs.

Where the computer was off. Having run out of power (yet again) on its own, after having magically become disconnected to the power source (yet again!) although it's still plugged it, and so I had to restart it.

But when this page came back up, voila! Half the post, the part I had actually for once in my long blogging life edited and thought over and rewritten, wasn't there. Because the plug for our Internet, that runs from our living room to our kitchen, shares the same fought over spot in the outlet with our microwave (the phone gets the other spot), and when I heated up my lunch I had never replugged my Internet in, so I was taken back essentially three hours and several paint episodes in my blogging.

And now I'm depressed. I may have to commit Seppaku. Or at least wait to refinish the blog post when I don't still have my perfect previous sentances rolling around in my mind just out of reach of my typing fingers. Now that they are irreversably gone, those sentances were perfect.

Meditate for me.

(Did I mention my house is falling down around my ears? And I've used all the blogging time I get writing lost novels.)

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