Thursday, January 29, 2009

Paint in my Hair - Help!

I have paint in my hair. A lot of paint. (So I had a moment where I was painting the girls' bookcase with my hair down.) And I really need to get it out, but I know just washing it won't do it. So I check on the Internet - and alcohol (like hairspray and rubbing alcohol and vodka and hand sanitizer) will get out dried paint on things (like fabric). Which is good because Lydia got primer on her dress while I was painting. And hey, maybe I could try it on my hair. But....I don't have any of the above.

And I also read that paint thinner or Wd40 will work. I also don't have either of those.

And I have to go Visiting Teaching today, and my hair is a mess - it needs washing and brushing, because I haven't been able to brush it for two days because of the paint that's in it.

Did I mention that basically the entire city closed down yesterday because of our combined snow and freezing rain storm? Avram even had school cancelled at The Ohio State University. So....I don't really want to go out to the store, if I don't have to. And I don't have to go anywhere until I'm on my way to my appointment. Which would be a little late to try and start treating my hair.

Should I just wash my hair, leave it tangled in the paint, and pull it up into a bun until I can get something to treat my hair? Should I try putting olive oil on my hair? I don't actually want to go and buy products that I don't really need (well, except for my hair, obviously). And I hate running into the store for just one thing, and having to cart Lydia and Elisheva out of the car seats and into a cart and then reverse the whole process.

Whiny, whiny. I know.

Any ideas? Any magic answers using only household products I actually have?


  1. Sorry, I don't have any advice. I do, however, like the visual of you with turquoise hair (that was the color, wasn't it?) and I think you should just choose a shirt that sort of matches and go with it. Be confident and soon everyone will be putting paint in their hair

  2. I agree with Lisaway, just go with it , soon we all will :)

    I would try the olive oil, cant hurt. The alcohol might actyally turn your hair colors. Hate to think what wd40 would do , especially when you tried to wash it out, then blowdry it if you didnt get it all out. Try the olive oil.

  3. I second the olive oil, or any kind of oil. Butter, peanut butter, whatever. Work it into the paint with your fingers and try to slide the paint off of your hair with your fingernails. A fine-tooth comb might work too. Be gentle and patient and it should turn out ok. Might take a few days to get it all, though.

  4. oh pookie! I love my pookie! long hair always gets in suff. thats why i cut mine. solves the problem. but I would not suggest cutting out the part that has paint. I would say roll with it for now, then afer VT tonight stop at the store and get some hand sanitizer or something.

  5. I ended up going with olive oil, and then the "messy bun" look. I actually think most of the paint came out, because I couldn't see any obviously turquoise spots in my hair. Now I just have to get the tangles from not brushing my hair (in regards to the paint) out. But that's okay. Thanks for the sympathies!

  6. Yay! I just wanted to comment again and say you have pretty hair. It's the perfect color for you and it's so long and soft-looking. (Well maybe it doesn't look so great right at this moment -I wouldn't know- but I really do think you have pretty hair.)

  7. Sorry I didn't read your blog earlier. Waterless hand cleaner WITHOUT pumice (I like GOOP) works great. It's what we used in Washington when the girls would get pine pitch in their hair, which is even worse than paint. It's water-soluble, and just shampoos out real easy. Dissolves anything even faintly greasy. For future reference. Get some in an auto parts store after the ice storm abates, and keep it around for emergencies.