Tuesday, January 20, 2009

FHE at the Shannon House

For Family Home Evening this week we decided to do our lesson from the Friend (which we are newly subscribed to at the turn of the year). We've had a hard time previously of involving Lydia with what we're doing without it turning into looking at pictures in the Ensign and repeating, "Jesus loves us" a lot. So instead, we did a lesson on how we're Children of God, and made crowns for us all (and read the corresponding story in the Friend). Lydia loved it.

Lydia then had to have a tutu, so she could have a princess dress as well.
Elisheva didn't get a crown, but she was okay with that.
All in all we managed to have an FHE with a small, but good lesson, an activity, and even a treat. Afterwards we had peanut butter custard pie with a fudge topping and talked about being Sons and Daughters of God.

Avram; "The only difference between sons and daughters of God is that the Sons can pee standing up."

Lydia; "I can pee standing up!"

We're so religious.


  1. Looks like it was fun. Evidently the toilet training is not a full success yet.

  2. Not only can she pee standing up, but she can also point out where language deconstructs.

    Also, it seems Lydia is well prepared for a long and fruitful SCA career. Queen in her own right, perhaps?

  3. hehehehe.... i am seriusly laughing still from the comment about peeing standing up. i wish i could, it would make camping much nicer.

    love the tutu. awww just felt my heart strings tug for a little girl. maybe one day, right?

    and sorry i missed your call. it was a crazy day, we got the carpets cleaned and then i was cleaning to prepare for him to come and then after he left i was trying to do something with the piles of clutter that were hidden becuase he came in the first place. does that even make sence? and then i had enrichment night. which was pretty funny. we got there to find out we were having a relay race... we were divided into groups and given lists of things to be cleaned in the church. yep so i cleaned all day and then showered and got dressed and ended up cleaning the church all night. what can you do, right?

    okay i will call you tomorrow before i make this any longer and pointless. :)

  4. Cute!

    And OMG Camilla! I'm laughing at all your cleaning! Thats rediculus! I think you totaly get out of cleaning now, for, like, a week. :P