Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Out into the White World I Go

Whew! Today is crazy day. It's snowing snowing snowing outside all day long; big fat flakes that build up quickly on the ground and cars and roads. But my life waits for no snow, so out we went visiting teaching this morning.

On the way home, as I was turning into our parking lot, the car skidding on ice, and when I gently pressed the brake the car turned off (I have a manual), and the car neither turned nor stopped; it just gently, ever so gently, and ever so inexorably continued on its destined path - straight towards a telephone pole. I briefly wondered if I had time to get out of the car and hold it back myself, it was so gentle. And yet the last car accident I was in happened in a parking lot when I was going that slow and gentle-like, so I knew my car would still crumple when it hit the pole.

So there I was, on the slow coast to an accident, with my wheel locked and my brakes fulled pressed down (a lot of good that did). It was even perfectly silent all around me, with the soft winter wonderland of white around me. As my car hit the curb it went up, but then, ever so thankfully, it could not get over the curb. I said a quick prayer of thanks, and then restarted the car and slowly, even more carefully than before, parked and went in.

All afternoon I've had feelings of foreboding for the weather. I was supposed to pick Flor up again today, and then also take two girl's to activity days (my new calling as of last Sunday). As of five minutes ago the Activity Days activity (slightly redundant there; sorry) was cancelled, so I have only one errand left in the snow. I wish the whole city would shut down, including OSU, until the snow went away and I felt safe either leaving the house or having Avram leave the house. I know, I'm a wimp. I'm sure in Wisconsin everyone is laughing at me. But somehow I can't shake the feelings I have; today, after my almost accident, the snow is really scaring me.

Maybe I've read too many books with obvious, heavy foreshadowing. Maybe I just need to relax. Maybe tonight on the freeway I will get into a massive accident and these will be the last words I'll ever right. (Kind of freaky to think about, huh? Except if these are my last words, they really aught to be more profound, and less filled with slang).

Wish me luck. And even better, pray for me.


  1. Also, they should probably be spelled correctly (write vs right).


    I just wanted to give you the chance to fix it, ya know, in case...

    Snow never used to make me feel that way. Not until we got 72" of it. In 3 days. I think I've had my fill of snow.

  2. i feel that way when driving in snow. but i have had many many accidents so i think i have a reason to worry. and once last winter i was driving on the freeway and my car slip off the road completly on black ice all the way across three lanes of traffic and thankfully my car magically made it without hiting any cars in those lanes. it slid all the way to the side and lodged in the snow where i stayed until traffic died down and i stopped shacking my stomach settled and heart went back down to my chest from my throut and i backed the car up and went on my way.

    you know maybe its the spirit talking to you and you should stay home??

    be safe
    love you

  3. next time you are sliding on snow or ice pump the brakes, if your sliding having the tires stopped only adds to it, to gain traction again your tires need to be moving, so pump the brakes.
    Glad you were safe.

  4. I sense that you will live to post again.

  5. Listen to those feelings. Sometimes it is better to cancel going out. Those feelings are there for a reason.