Monday, January 19, 2009

Lydia and Elisheva's Room Pictures

I finally took pictures of the Girls' room today. Yeah, I know we've only lived here for four months and all, but I never finished putting up pictures until a couple of days ago (and then spent half the afternoon cleaning and organizing their room - having a deadline is infinitely helpful in being productive).
First we have here Lydia's bed. You can't tell, but those three pictures are Flower Fairies, done by Mary Cecily Barker. I love her. Also, this quilt hanging is handmade, and someone once used it (along with another handmade quilt hanging and some other stuff I'm unaware of) to buy a house we lived in. It worked because the house didn't really "belong" to us, because we lived on Tolstoy Farm, a communal land community (that we fondly call an ex-hippie commune). Good times. (I actually only lived there for one year, when I was ten).

Lydia's bed is real hardwood, and it cost $54 at Walmart. I love Walmart. I am such not a Target person. Which works out well, because Avram and his family boycott Target because they don't support the military (ok, I know I'm getting this wrong somehow. Avram, you should correct me). I painted that dresser myself when I was pregnant with Lydia.
Elisheva's Crib. The rocking moose is from IKEA, and since it was in the scratch and dent section, it only cost $7.
I inherited the painting of the castle. My step grandfather Josh did it. I love heirlooms.
The part I skipped was the door (which you saw the edge of in the last photo), and the sliding wood doors on the closet, that bordor on the changing table. The Changing table is what took me the longest to organize. I think I hate open furniture, because rather than encouraging me to be neat and clean, it just makes whatever you are storing look messy, no matter what it is. I'm planning to paint the bookcase in a few weeks - it'll be the same color (turquoise) as the chairs in our kitchen.

And that's our girls' room. I like it - in our last apartment we only had one bedroom at all, and nothing was ours anyway, and before that Lydia's nursery was also our "library" (had bookshelves in there) and a car topper that was huge and ugly and I hated it, as well as tons of storage that had nowhere else to go. Here we actually have closets and the bookshelves are in our room, so it's been really fun to actually get to decorate, even if we still live in an apartment, and can't actually paint or anything.


  1. You and I may be the only WalMart not Target people in the USA. Target just has such a difficult return policy and they won't let the Girl Scouts sell cookies in front of their store. What's with the not supporting the military?

  2. yay! it looks great! I like the silver picture frames. I saw some at DI the other day for $5 but I didn't buy them because we're moving :( I really need to stop shopping; it only makes me sad.

    I did get a frame for the Pooh print you gave us. I didn't want it to get bent while moving. Anyway, it looks very nice and I can't wait to have somewhere to hang it :D

  3. Cute! That little bed is excellent. I'm not a fan of open furniture, either. In theory it should be fine, as you say, but mostly I just don't want to be able to see stuff. One day, when we're rich and can afford furniture, I'll have everything hidden away and only decoration in view. This will be in about ten years, probably, but I can't wait!

  4. It looks so tidy. How long does it stay that way?

  5. so what i am wondering is did you take your changing table apart when you moved and how did you keep from losing part of it?? i am wondering if i should move ours or not. i do use it, the kid bedding is all stored on it as well as bins for their socks and shoes. well and the top.. that you would i guess change a baby on... i used to use that for porter and theo. but ever since preston was born its been covered in things. you know random things like clothes that are too big or too small and odd toys or a half filled box of things i need to take back to halley.

    you know maybe i should stick with enclosed things as well. :) i am just a clutter person. its inherited. i mean look at our parents! mom was an organized clutterer and dad was a clean neat person with one entire room full of junk and clutter and who knows what. i dont think i know how to have surfaces like changing tables empty!

  6. Oh man that is cute. I have the disability, if you will of decorating and making it all look cute together. I really can't do it. If I try (with my limited supply of cute stuff) it looks really tacky and unorganised. I need someone else with good taste to come decorate my whole house. Your good at it! you want the job? you'll get paid...nothing and you will have to buy all the supplys yourself. but hey at least you'll be here and that would be fun. ok so its not the most promising offer you'v ever had. :) oh well I guess I am stuck with an unmatchy house. Can't wait to see the other rooms.