Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 inane Thora details

I did this over on Facebook, and then I thought to myself, 'Hey! Why should I let any writing go to waste?' So I put it on here, too.

1.I make all our own bread every week. It's yummy.
2.And it's healthy because I grind our own wheat (currently with a borrowed wheat grinder), and I use a blend of Half white wheat and half red wheat in a recipe that I have tweaked myself.
3.I also make all other desserts/food with half whole white wheat. You can't even tell (I'm not just saying that. We've had gu.ests, and they were very pleasantly surprised when I told them their pound cake was half whole wheat - after they had eaten it).
4.Having studied Near Eastern Studies in College, with a minor in Arabic, and then being married to someone of Jewish extraction who studies Near Eastern Cultures and languages (ie, Hebrew Bible, Jewish Studies, etc.), I have VERY, VERY strong opinions on the Middle East and America's political interactions there.
5. I never, ever share these opinions with anyone but my husband, because I don't like to be controversial in public.
6.I love large families; I come from a family of 10 kids, and want to have lots of my own.
7.I had Oatmeal for breakfast this morning.
8.I eat oatmeal almost every morning, often with a half grapefruit afterwards.
9.I got sick of always having cold cereal, and being hungry shortly after I eat (and buying lots of boxes) - so I switched to fresh made breakfasts - oatmeal, muffins, pancakes, etc.
10.We really like having "real" breakfasts.
11.Except Avram right now still eats cereal because he leaves the house every morning at 7:00 for school, and I don't get up with him. I'm a bad wife.
12.I don't like watching movies very much. I think they aren't a social activity.
13. I do however, talk during movies. Yes, I am THAT person that you love to hate. Good thing I try not to watch them in groups, huh?
14.I don't talk during movies to be annoying; it's how I synthesize the information that I'm assimilating.
15.I have a library day - usually every Thursday we go to the library, when they have toddler story time.
16. I usually check out lots of cookbooks and read them religiously.
17. Although if I try any recipes from them, I never make them again - we just go back to our same old food time and again.
18. I also read decorating books, and holiday celebration books.
19. I rarely check out fiction, because if I do, like my sisters, I can't put a book down until I've finished it.
20. This drives Avram crazy.
21. I roleplay. It's where a group of people get together and tell a communal story, usually of the fantasy variety. It's like being ten and playing, where you go, "And then I say this, and then you'll say that."
22. It's fun. Avram got me into it, because he loves roleplaying, and in our marriage we're obsessed with sharing all our hobbies.
23. Except Avram doesn't share some of my hobbies. For some reason he doesn't want to scrapbook or paint furniture. Go figure.
24. Really we never actually roleplay, because we don't have a group, so I guess I'm a meta-roleplayer.
25. The names I name my children have to have meaning. Some sort of meaning - I can't just use a name no matter how much I like the sound of it. Lydia Aurelia is named after my grandma (Lydia) and Lydia the seller of Purple in the New Testament, and Aurelia is a Roman name, and is related to the sun (and gold). Elisheva Anne was named a Hebrew name in honor of Avram's Jewish and Hebrew studies, and she was Aaron's wife in the Old Testament, plus it's Elisheva is the same name as Elizabeth, so it's Elizabeth's name in the New Testament. Anne is after Anne of Green Gables, my favorite fictional best friend of all time.
26. I also love unusual names. Yes, I know this is number 26, but you should know by now that I talk a lot. I have a lot of names built up, although we'll probably never use them; Arthur or Alistair Richard, and Gareth Tanner (Avram's mom's maiden name) are the two boy ones I have currently.
27. Okay, I'll shut up now.


  1. I love Alistair too! Todd doesn't like it though. :( I have long lists of baby names, and I'm constantly adding to them! Funny thing was though, that Oliver wasn't even near the top of the list. But it was just hid name, and we both felt it. And now he couldn't have been anything else. His middle name is Todd's middle name, which is is also his mom's maiden name. I think names are very important, and not just because that's the name you'll be yelling for the next 20 years. ;)

  2. Avram doesn't like Alistair either. Apparantly there was some deviant Satan worshipper type person in the 19th century named Alistair Crowley. I think if we named a son Alistair we would forget this in the first 3.8 seconds of calling him Alistair, but Avram doesn't seem to think so.

    Elisheva also wasn't even on the list of names we had ever considered for Girl names. If we were going to do a Hebrew name we were planning on Miriam, and then further down the list Rivkah or Reevkah (Rebekah). But...Elisheva was just right for her - it was her name. And since she's been born I've never doubted her name, because it fits her so well.