Thursday, November 13, 2008


I'm feeling much better now. I realized that I had Visiting Teachers coming at 2:30 so I couldn't loll around any more; I quickly ran to the library, and then came back and picked up the living room. And then I made a yummy dinner; Acorn Squash with sausage patties in the center, brown rice with carmelized red onions spooned over top, steamed cauliflower, and a cream cheese and artichoke heart baked dip.

When I describe my meals like I'm a restaurant, it makes me feel so industrious and gourmet, instead of a housewife slopping some grub in front of my kin. While the food was cooking I even washed the dishes. I know, I'm amazing.

Anywho, so now since I actually did something, I feel a lot better. Funny how that works. (Although I do distinctly think that a toblerone bar would also raise spirits; don't feel bad it's not here yet. All the more anticipation on my part.)


  1. It's good to have projects to help ward off doldrums. Especially good is creating something that lasts. That's the problem with housekeeping and wonderful food. Time spent, little to show for it that lasts beyond a few minutes.

  2. Im glad you are feeling better. You got quite productive. I hope Travis never reads your blog or he will find out all the fabulous food he is missing out on.