Friday, November 7, 2008

Shrodinger's Funeral Home

Next to our library is a funeral home called, "Shoedinger's Funeral Home." Every time I see the sign, I (accidentally) read it as, "Shrodinger's Funeral Home." And then, every single time, I have to ask myself, "So do you not know whether your loved one is alive or dead until you look in their casket?"


  1. Hee hee!

    The real name is funny in a whole other way...

  2. Thora, I didn't know you were up on quantum mechanics! Hmm... I would expect Schrodinger's funeral home to have its home office in Copenhagen, right?

  3. Thora, you are both entertaining and educational. Since this post meant absolutely nothing to me, but I had a deep conviction that it should, I googled schrodinger and became enlightened. The end.