Saturday, November 22, 2008

Guitar Tabs Blog

My step dad, Don, has started a new blog he wants to spread the word on. It's called Mormon-friendly Guitar Tabs, and is all about Tablature for playing the guitar, specifically Mormon songs or hymns. You can learn all about Don and the impetus behind his blog here.

Spread the word if there is anyone you know who likes guitar playing!

(I've also added him to my blogroll, so you can always have the website handy).


  1. Thanks, Thora! I've already got one follower, Hooray!

  2. The above url doesn't work.

    This one does:

  3. Hi

    well nice well

    i have also found a site which has
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  4. Thanks for sharing, really nice blog. I'm learning the guitar too. For those of you who are just starting, here's an motivational post by well-known guitarist, Steve Krenz. Learning the Guitar Takes Perseverance. In that blog, you can read other tips from Steve Krenz, including some guide to his Learn and Master Guitar video tutorial. A pretty comprehensive video lessons on how to learn the guitar.

    Good luck to your dad's blogging, I like your blog too!