Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm having an affair.

With another blog name and title.

I know right know you're all thinking to yourselves that this couldn't be happening, that Poisson Puissant always seemed like such a strong name, a cohesive unit with its light green background and most perfect picture of nature (from the Oxford Botanical Gardens) that Thora's ever managed to catch with her point and shoot. Just shows you can never know what goes on in the hearts of blogs around you.

Sure, Thora has been fickle in the past. Sure, Poisson Puissant may be the fourth title she's used (Thora Tales, My English Cottage, Parenthetical Dialogues, Poisson Puissant). But she liked this title. It was her nickname. Given to her by her own husband, no less!

I must come clean and say that my blog title is still a good name. No, it hasn't changed - I have. It's me, not you. Poisson Puissant will be happier with another Blogger. We'll all be happier. Sure I've flirted with other names in the past - I've always wanted to call my blog "Quintessential Thora." It's the Ralph Nader of Blog Titles - it's always there, but never makes it to the finals. This is more the Abraham Lincoln of titles - it may have come out of nowhere, but the party is here to stay. (Remind me not to make stupid Political jokes in the future.)

So that you may protect your valuable hearth and blog, I'll show you the steep and slippery slope that leads to sites emblazoned with such sleazy titles as, "Fonts and Colors" or "Blogger::Edit Layout."

One day you're walking along, minding you're own bloglist, when suddenly you'll look at your blog and realize that your mind has wandered astray. Just like an itch on your foot. It's okay, you're strong, you can ignore it. Then you get to dreaming of alternate color schemes. And fonts. And catchphrases. The itches pile up; your leg, your arm, but it's still okay, you and still ignore it. After all, it's a good blog title, it's done you well. There's no need to abandon it in a flurry of a seven week itch.

But then you say a phrase, a small one. And you think to yourself, "Self, I like that phrase. I like it a lot. I think I could say, 'The Good News of Thora," many times before I tired of it." And that, my friends, is the itch in the middle of your back, the one you can't reach. Because the deed has already been done; in your mind you have wandered to strange beds of strange titles, and in your heart you are a blog-leaver. Breaker of titles. You even have a "kept title" on the side.

Might as well make it official.

And so I have.

For this week at least. I'm a very itchy person.


  1. OK, well this time I'm following you, so I won't lose you for a month like I did last time. :)

  2. Thora, you are so immoral. And fickle. I'm not sure what to do with you.

    Like the new title.

  3. Well I'm not making you a new button :P