Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Aren't I cute?

Ahem. I just had to show everyone what a good photographer my sister Amy is. Go check her out. All of the pictures I have of Avram and I and our family are by her. In fact, I'm in despair because I really want a family picture, and until I go to Utah next summer I probably won't get one. Please weep for me, but also please enjoy her pictures. And if you live in the Wasatch Front, then you should hire her and pay her lots of mula.

Thank you.

(PS - I love some of her other shots even more, but I was morally obliged to post this one, because I'm in it.)

P.P.S. I'm going to post some other pictures that she's taken, although a lot of my favorites are still on our old computer in Virginia.

After much, much time spent trying to upload pictures, when my Internet goes on and off like Christmas Tree lights, I'm officially giving up. Look for more pictures later.


  1. Wow! Beautiful shot, scene, dress, people! Just a whole lot of beauty going on there. Lovely!

  2. Kimberly stole my comment. Awesome!

  3. you were such a beautiful bride thora! I remember that day and wishing my hair could do that!

  4. Oh. Um. Here it is. Sorry for the public flogging on your own blog in another comment.

    I do love this shot, it's one of my favorites.