Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Enough Pictures of Thora to Make Anyone But Herself Bored

Okay, now that my Internet is staying on, let's try and finish my post about pictures my amazing sister Amy took.

First off, we have engagement photos. This is the picture that hangs in our Living Room. I love that I had Avram remove his glasses. (If I had my way, Avram would wear contacts. He resisted for years, because he said that his soul wore glasses. Now he's okay with getting contacts, but after I looked at how much more contacts are versus glasses, I've decided that his soul can wear glasses for awhile longer.) I also love how I look in it. Unfortunately, as in every picture I particularly love of myself, people constantly comment that it doesn't look like me (this is before I say I love it). Mmmm. Maybe that's because this is what they're looking at in real life (don't worry, Amy didn't take this one):
That's why I love makeup and good cameras and good photographers

I like this picture, because when I see it I can pretend that I'm either a seductress or a heroine in a (moral) romance novel. The kind that throws her long, luxurious hair over her shoulders. Can't you see how I've enticed him into my grasp. I'm a wily one, I am.Aww, I love remembering my young and hip days. This final sunset picture was the background of our wedding announcement.

A year and a half later we have a cutie patootie seven month old Lydia. This was supposed to be some formal pictures of her, but Lydia loved to eat leaves.

She was still cute even doing so, but it wasn't quite the shoot I imagined; the smiling baby. You know, the kind you send to grandmas. I think deep down I like these ones better.

After all, how can you not love a face like this? I love the tell-tale leaf bit poking out of her mouth; she almost
has you convinced she's not stuffing her face with dead tree matter. Almost.

Elisheva fits into these same clothes now. It's crazy. She can comfortably wear 12 month clothing, and she'll only be six months old next week. My babies are growing up.

None of the pictues Amy took are sans leaves. Lydia and leaves were just meant to be.

I love this face too. She's concentrating so hard.

This final picture was taken the same day. Don't I look so matronly?

I really wanted to show Lydia's one year pictures, but I couldn't find them anywhere (read: Amy, if you have them, can you send them to me? I have some hard copies, but no digital ones in Ohio. Thank you). Ahh, I just love looking at pretty pictures of me and my family. (Don't mind the random placement of pictures. I was getting creative, but mostly just ended up being random and ineffective with my space. We try).


  1. In that first one you look like some exotic (gorgeous) European model.

    These are great pictures. With great commentary. I love the leaf eating. And the seductress.

  2. You and Avram are such a sweet pair and dang girl, you are way too pretty.

    I like you anyway. Yeah. We're all good.

    Beautiful photos. Wish your sister weren't so far from here.

  3. thora i love the one of you being a heroine. Your hair is so long there!! sOOOOOOOOOO not fair! I dont think i ever saw this picture before. You look really pretty and i love the jaw line. Oh and in the first picutre avram looks so handsom with out his glasses! who knew he had such pretty eyes under them!

  4. Well well, what a fun surprise, to read your blog and discover my work on display! You make me blush.

    And it also makes me want to go back and play with your engagement pictures some more. I forgot how good they turned out, (yeah, I'm humble like that) but my editing skills are much improved since then, and I'd like to play with the color saturation etc. Hmm, I might be up late tonight...

    And why didn't you cross post the picture I just put on my photography blog of your bridal/groomal(?) pre-wedding pictures???

    Oh, and lest my comment become as long as your blessed post, yes, I do have Lydia's one year pictures. How would you like me to get them to you?

  5. I think you take the prize as the prettier Thora!
    Cute blog!
    (I was named for my grandmother who was raised in Cache Valley, Utah. I understand there were several Thoras in the valley at that point in time. I know 3 others living, Thora Birch, a telephone rep's hatian sister-in-law, and a lady in my ward who goes by her middle name, Gwen.)
    It's great hearing from another Thora though! Thanks for commenting on my blog!