Monday, October 6, 2008

Inside I'm Single Too

I stumbled across this blog, My Super Hopeless Romance, and I can't stop reading it. My heart just bleeds all over the page every time there's a new entry. The very cynical part of me say it could just be a hoax, but I'm 95% sure it's real (because, could anyone's life be that sad? Yes, yes it could.) Avram wasn't sure he understood writing a blog instead of a personal journal, but I can. Clearly.

Anyway, every time I read I realize that Cardy and I are exactly the same. Except that I'm married with two kids and three years older and she's single and in love with her best friend who's oblivious and has a girlfriend. Inside though, I'm still 21 and single and agonizing over boys inside and even worse, I always worried that I would never get married and so really, we are the same.

I know I've never highlighted a blog before, but really, you should read it. And then go find Seth and ostracize him.


  1. Yes, I'm 41 and I feel her pain. I'm waiting with baited breath for her next installment. If it's fiction, she's nailed the reality.

    My oldest is about to turn 16 and I want to shield her from the misery that dating can be, but I can't shield her from the misery without cutting her off from the joy. Opposition in all things.

  2. That is funny! I highly daught that is real. Not even the most utah mormon really talks like that. thats just how we exagerate how we talk. notice ALL the mormon slang swear words in one post. but to each his own. I found it funny. I have read many a real life journal in my days....that sounded pretend. but thats just my oppinion. Frick, oh my heck! that was too funny!

  3. I don't know. I think it might be real. It sounded like my journal. Heck. It sounds like my journal now! LOL made me feel a lot less lame :)

  4. Oh my...I know exactly what you mean.

    I dream I'm single and all the attendant scariness all the time.

    They're not exactly nightmares, but I'm always relieved to wake up.

  5. It sounded very real to me - I don't doubt it at all.

    Possibly because I lived something like that about ten years ago.

    Thanks for the referral. I was just absorbed by her story in the same way I imagine you were.

  6. well i think its real. sounds like my journal. I would obsess about guys back in the day. over annylize everything. dont all women?? if this is fiction its got to be based on reality.

    oh and you never know. i mean look at your story getting engaged and then breaking it off and then avram and your romance and the whole drama of it all.. and me with mark and jonathan and ending up with neither. i mean those things were real life even though they were a bit soap operaish. real life is sometimes like that.

    single life was exciting, but at the same time excrushiating. i miss the fun, but not the drama and tears.