Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Husband is On the Phone and My Kids Are Asleep

Random Thoughts Going Through My Mind (And Some Updates to Other Posts)

1. In a followup to my Eschatalogical Questions, The Greater Kansas City Area Temple is being built in Shoal Creek, in Clay County, Missouri. It's 15.8 miles from the Temple site, so I do not think that it is one of the 24 temples that will someday be built there. However, as Avram thinks as well, it is very exciting that in a state that we, as LDS members were once driven from and told never to return because of the extermination order given by Lilbourn W. Boggs, we are now returning and building a temple, in a county that the Saint once lived in. My less Politically Correct husband calls this pointing a finger in the mob's eye. I call it a sign of the Church moving forward, and that as we built temples in Nauvoo and Winter Quarters and Palmyra, we now will have a temple in another historical area, Clay County. I'm stoked. For a super official press release for my source, look here, at the Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints newsroom. (How did this happen five days ago and I didn't know!?)

2. My sister, Mary, has been in labor for three days. THREE DAYS. As in Friday, Saturday, Sunday, but hopefully not Monday. She's all the way in Washington State, very, very far from Ohio. We fasted for her (we meaning I did all the prayers with Avram, but he did all the fasting, since I'm nursing.) For 24 hours, last night to this dinner. And she's still in labor. She's a trooper. I was only in labor with Elisheva for three hours. Me? Not a trooper. And she's my baby sister too. Which means that she's 24, but somehow in my mind, she's still just a little girl, withe a cute smile and we called her Marzie doats. Actually, she still has a cute smile, and I still call her Marzie doats. But she's not a little girl - she's going to be, sometime in this millenia when her labor ends, a Mama. And she's going to have a little boy. Then my Parents will have 18 grandchildren.

3. That's a lot of Grandchildren.

4. The Fair for the 72 hour kits went really well. I feel reconciled to having them. And we have more food still than I remembered having. Plus I like feeling prepared. We're keeping our kits in our car, and then if we ever get stranded in the Donnar pass, like Elder Cook was in a snowstorm, we'll be really prepared. Because I never want to be stranded in the Donnar pass. I think I would get nightmares. The Work and the Glory book that talked about the Donnar/Reed party practically gave me nightmares.

5. I didn't mean to give the impression in signing up for the Preparedness Fair that I don't like signing up for things in Relief Society. I really do. I love it. Today I signed up to clean the ward house, clean the temple, make chili for our ward's trunk or treat on Oct 25, and make bread for Enrichment this thursday. And I'm really excited for all of these things (I'm not being sarcastic, either.). I'm going to make popcorn balls to hand out at the trunk or treat because everyone knows me, and knows that I'm not going to put little razors or arsenic in the popcorn. (Have you ever know anyone who had bad experiences with homemade Halloween treats? I haven't. Maybe it's an urban legend.)

6. Avram didn't get a job offer yet, but he does have a preliminary interview/audition with Kaplan test preparation for teaching their GRE test prep classes. He auditions (you have to give a small lesson on something non academic to show that you wouldn't be drop dead boring when you teach) on October 24. This means that we are this close to the rest of my perfect life. I should have put winning the lottery without even entering on my list. Then that would come true too.

7. Lydia and Elisheva are the cutest girls ever. I would post pictures, but the Lithium camera battery that Lydia lost is still good and lost. So, no pictures. And I would tell stories, but they're never as cute on paper (or screen) than they were in person at the time. So Mom, call me and I'll tell you them, and for the rest of you, just know that they're darling and I love them. I especially love to kiss Elisheva's large cheeks. Her cheeks just demand to be kissed. I really can't help it. (She's 18 pounds! She's huge! And so kissable.) And Lydia's at the stage where she says the cutest things.

8.We're being sociable. We went over to two different houses on Conference weekend. And then we invited a family over this Saturday, and another two families over next Tuesday. We're going to play games on both nights. Not your boring Yahtzee of Sorry Games. Exciting, fly by the seat of your pants games like Shadows over Camelot and Carcassone.

9. I'm having difficulties with My Super Hopeless Romance now. Mostly because Cordy is being so passive about what happens to her. When I was in my dating life (in college - in High School I was a grade A wimp) I was very proactive. I made sure that if I liked a boy I let him know it, and know that if he didn't date me he was missing out on the chance of a lifetime. That's why I once had a missionary while dating his brother....and a missionary while being engaged (not to his brother)....and a missionary while dating another man (who is now my husband).....

Hmmm. Maybe I should just start an anonymous blog and write out my dating life, but change the names. Or not change the names, and then all my old boyfriends can read it and officially be glad they didn't end up married to such a piece a work as me.

Anyway, I'm not sure I can take much more of watching someone let their life run over them. Although I do feel very bad for her.

The End of my random thoughts. For this minute, at least.


  1. Update: My sister Mary just had her baby! YAY!!!!

  2. Definitely set up an "old dating stories blog" and make it open for people to tell their random stories with real names, and then advertise it. It would be the most successful blog in the history of the world.

  3. My random thought of the moment:
    1) I like Thora. (yes, I am using real names.)

  4. Congrats on Auntie-dom! And impending perfect life-ness!