Saturday, April 7, 2007

Here We Go: wherein I state my intentions and purpose of beginning an account of my life

Here is my first ever blog-post. Having said that, it will be very short, because Avram actually needs to write two papers today, and so the computer is at a premium in our house.
I'm beginning an online journal because in less than a month we will be leaving Provo for the greater beyond, also known as Virginia. As we leave behind friends and family I wish to keep in touch with them (or at least allow them to keep in touch with me, since I'll still have no idea what they're doing), and hence the formation of this public journal. Actually, I could just as well call it a journal in general; it's not like I keep a private journal, really. Since being married I could probably post the contents of my real journal online, for all that anyone would care, because my life doesn't have the soap opera content it used to (and then he said, and then I said, and then he said...).
Thus this adventure of the Thora Tales begins; to all who embark forth, fare thee (and me) well.

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  1. I am so excited to read your blog Thora. I hope you keep it up! Your writing is so entertaining to read... puts my blog to shame! Ah well. You should write a book one day, you could make millions.