Friday, April 13, 2007

I went to the Doctor today, and we're not going to do any surgery. I've kind of started miscarrying naturally, so hopefully that's what will happen.
I've decided the subject of my post today shall be Lydia, because with me working I sometimes feel like I don't spend enough time focusing on her. That means that writing a post about her to make up for it must be the poor man's version of buying ones childrens clothes and toys to make up for working too much.

Lydia is really made up of three different areas - eating, playing, and sleeping.


1. Lydia loves almost all vegetables; she'll eat corn, green beans, peas, cucumbers, lettuce, and (here's the weird one) asparagus. For whatever reason Lydia and asparagus really get along. Either my daughter is born for higher, richer paths of life, or she just doesn't know that most people don't actually like asparagus, and that they only eat it because it's a socially refined vegetables, which I suppose they think will make them socially refined with lots of connections as well.

2. Fruits. Now, this is a trickier area. Lydia loves bananas, although recently she'll only eat them "monkey style," meaning out of its peel, instead of cut up on her tray. She loves oranges, but only the peels, really. She has digested quite a few orange peels in her time, although it's really more of a love/hate relationship, because often the oils in the peel will squirt her, and she'll throw that orange down and cry a lot. She likes apples, and as a younger babe of eight or nine months discovered a box of old apples and helped herself to them. The apples were mushy instead of crisp, and so she was able to gum her way through many of them. The problem with apples is that Lydia can quite easily choke on them, and usually coughs her way through eating one. So she rarely eats apples. That concludes the fruit that Lydia eats; basically, bananas sometimes. I've tried to sneak her strawberries, and even forced one in her mouth; one would think I was torturing her. Same with peaches, grapes (she doesn't hate these, but is just more indifferent to them), pineapple (except she will eat pineapple on pizza...interesting).

3. Grains. The staple of Lydia's diet since she began eating.

4. Milk. Mama's is preferred; she recently pointed to a glass of milk, and said Mama. We think that her calling me Mama (usually it comes out more like mamamamamamama) must actually mean "Milk Lady."

5. Other Dairy. Cheese is a winner in all its varieties. She also loves yoghurt.

6. Meat. She's not good at chewy meat or red meat, except for once when she sucked on a peice of Ham for a long time. I figure she must have been sucking all of the salt out, because she couldn't chew it, and I actually had to extract the entire peice from her mouth after she got bored of it. Lydia will eat easy to eat meats; lunchmeat, fake dino-chicken, precut small peices of poultry.

7. Desserts. I wish that this category didn't exist yet. Lydia will now follow Avram or I around and beg for our desserts/candy. I got Andes mints for Easter, and Lydia found them, dumped them out of their container, and bit through the foil to get a bite (yes, she ate the foil along with her bite). I wish she hated sugar.

This concludes Lydia and her food. Probably it's boring to everyone except my mother, because Grandmothers get a kick off of useless information about their grandchildren, but it's your punishment for reading my blog in the first place.


  1. i dont find this boreing.. but then again I also have small children. I think your friends with no kids yet might not be that interested....

    For what its worth I think she has a pretty good diet. When porter was that age the only protien he would eat was eggs and cheese. We had ALOT of scrabled eggs with cheese in them for about a year. he also only liked broccoli and carrots cooked, and cantalope and watermelon out of the fruit. You could try those, maybe she would like them. And sorry to hear she likes sugar! Porter likes some candy but is selective. He hates fruit snakes or gummy things or jelly beans. Which is great cause thats what I like best!! Or not so great... i guess since I eat it all myslef.

  2. Lydia doesn't actually get very much sugar at all; we're very selective in giving her treats; she just knows that she likes them, and she seems to have a sixth sense about when we're eating sugary things versus normal food, because she usually doesn't beg for normal food.

  3. Well, I can tell you didn't grow up in Emery. Asparagus grew on the ditch bank so I didn't think it was socially refined but I did think it was good because it was when it didn't have to go through picking, storage, shipping, storage, and sitting in the stores until some hapless buyer comes along. Even worse than store asparagus is canned asparagus. It is a cousin to canned spinach and canned peas--yummy when straight from the garden, terrible when way overcooked.