Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Avram called the University of Pennsylvania today, and we're officially rejected. Which is a relief that we know, mainly, because now we can get really excited about Oxford. England here we come! (actually, Avram still wants to think and pray about Fordham, but he does feel really good about going to Oxford).
Also, my midwives finally got ahold of me, and they're scheduling an appointment with a Dr. so that way I can make an appointment for a D&C. So that section of my life will soon be cleared up as well. (This sounds so impersonal; it's not that I didn't care that I miscarried; I did. It's just that I don't want to be waiting to miscarry naturally because I'm moving in three weeks, and also I just want to move on with my life so that I can try and get pregnant again). I'm going to see Dr. Saunders on Friday the 13th, which is okay, because what is left that can happen?
Because of the time it takes to move and graduate as well (since I'm walking with Avram), I'm going to stop working next Tuesday, so I only have five days left, counting today. It seems as if everything in my life is changing.


  1. Wow! How odd that Oxford accepted him and Pennsylvania rejected. Maybe that is how the Lord hedges up your way. We'll be sure to pray for you on Friday. I love that you're blogging.

  2. I think that going to Oxford would be the grandest adventure! And I am insanly jealous!! ( and I cant spell that word... ) That said I would miss you a lot since I dont think I will be making any flights to Europe any time soon.. not only for the cost but also who would want to sit on that long flight with my two boys??

    Anywho... I am so excited for your family. I hope you can work out the finances to go.
    Love you!

  3. 1. Oxford: I'm jealous! I always wanted to go there for grad school. They have the neatest gowns imaginable. At my college (Occidental College), all the profs wore their gowns for every monthly "convocation" (fancy name for an assembly with attendance required for all undergrads.) As I recall, the ones from Oxford were sort of a mauve color, and the mortarboard was octagonal. Definitely stands out in the crowd!

    2. Surgery: please do everything you can to avoid a D&C. Having one, for any reason, will automatically put you into a higher-risk category on your next pregnancy. Ask your DOCTOR. (Your midwife uses different criteria.)

    3. FOOD: maybe Lydia just likes ascorbic acid (vitamin C). All the things you mentioned are high in ascorbic acid. If she likes pineapple on pizza, try cooking the pineapple for her! And as for liking asparagus, that just proves she has good taste! (Are there really people who don't like asparagus, but eat it anyway? If this describes you, can I have your lifetime share?

  4. Why does your blog come out in Spanish on my computer? Not your postings, just the instructions.

  5. I can't tell you why it comes out in Spanish. Maybe the internet there is in default spanish?