Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Spring day in Oxford in Pictures, Or, I'm watching Sean Connery as James bond and Don't Feel Like Adding Text.

We went on a walk in the fields, with Nettles taller than me, Lydia was scared by a horse, and then we went bak home, to our English Manor where Avram sat in the sun dappled shade, Reading Hebrew for his finals. Sometimes I like to remember sun dappled shade in December.


  1. Me too. Memories are good for keeping us going. Hey, somehow we never got your Christmas letter. I assume you sent us one.

  2. Sounds perfect! I think I would love oxford! I like more cool wet then hot dry with the occasional "sun dappled shade", in fact my idea of a nice sunny day is one spent in the shade. Oh and lydia is adorable! I lve how you put your girls in dresses lots, not just on sunday. Don't know why I don't do that with my girls. probobly cause I have always been more comfertable in pants myself. but she is adorable in that dress.