Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Just Ignore the Ramblings of Sick Woman

I'm sick right now. With a cold. And I get sick basically never, so I'm not very good at being graceful about being sick. Plus for some reason I keep narrating my life in my head in third person today, and my inner narrative has some achingly beautiful prose and realizations, mainly about how I'm really not that great of a person. Turns out my inner self author is a pessimist. Or maybe it's the Sudafed and the other stuff that can't be turned into illegal drugs but still stops you from sniffling that's to blame. Or maybe I really am deficient. I'd go into more detail about what I'm lacking, but I simply can't remember that far back to eleven this morning.

And it's New Year's eve. The plans for today were supposed to involve a sparkling clean house to welcome the New Year and a party with Church friends, but instead Lydia is sitting in an open suitcase behind me, where a few minutes ago she was madly swinging a whisk and shouting out "Bang your sister! Bang your sister!" to Elisheva, who was mere inches away. Did I mention we arrived home from Tennessee yesterday evening? So I could babysit today? But there was a slight mixup, and the family I babysit for thought I hadn't come home, so they had found another babysitter already. Which means we could have just stayed in Tennessee longer, which Avram wanted to do anyway. Except it's a good thing we're both not in Tennessee, because I don't think our girls could have taken one more day with irregular schedules and all out spoiling from grand and great grandparents, and I'm sick anyway, so I couldn't have babysat anyway.

So I guess it's a good thing we're here, and home and stuff. And Avram has been a great homemaker for me to day (although he hates it when I say that. I once jokingly called us c0-homemakers after I read an online thing where a woman and her husband are "co-presiders" and he said never to call him that.) He's put most of the junk from Christmas that was all piled higgledy piggledy in our living room away, (Except the stuff that has no home yet. I hate the accumulation of junk from Christmas and sometimes it makes me want to join a monastery. I'm not completely sure what this step would achieve, but I'm sick, so bear with me. I also hate that previous phrase.)

However, I wouldn't want to end 2008 on a negative note. It's been a good year. Avram got into OSU with a fellowship, we found a great townhouse apartment to live in, we have a great ward, I really like living in Ohio, and also being settled here. I've had a lot of good books to read. I had Elisheva, who is wonderful, and Lydia has learned how to talk, which is also wonderful. Hmm, even writing this little paragraph has made me feel better about life. Also, Avram made me matzo ball chicken soup from scratch for dinner tonight, and the importance of said soup cannot be underestimated when one is sick.

Merry New Year, everyone! Sorry if I mixed up my greetings. I also thought it would be good this morning to wear a vibrant kelly green long skirt with fuschia embroidered flowers and a salmon colored v neck shirt over a white tank top with a maroon knee length cardigan over it all. Clearly my functioning capacities are a not at their best.


  1. Oh, get well! And Happy New Year. And I like co-homemakers, but I can see why a husband might not. . .

  2. I find green drinks really help with cold. Again, you make one by putting some kind of dark green and leafy in the blender (kale, collard, spinach). Then add anything you want. I usually put in a banana and now when fresh fruit availability is at a minimum, half a can of naturally sweetened fruit (pears, peaches, pineapple, mandarin oranges, fruit cocktail), add water to any quantity. If drink does not have enough fruity flavor, add a couple of tablespoons full of fruit juice concentrate. I both like the way it tastes and the way it makes me feel. I also like to just drown colds in fruit juice.

  3. I hope you feel better soon. And while I'm sorry our families are too far apart this year to celebrate the season together -- say by visiting a nice tourist attraction and refusing to buy water, for example -- I am very glad that I can't catch your cold. At least not from you. Happy new year to you and your family!

  4. This was a great year for you! Next year is going to be even better! Are you coming to Utah anytime soon?