Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Putting off My Life

Hmm, I don't really feel like writing right now. But I've already gone through the bother of signing up.

On another note, Lydia just went upstairs and got a doll to roll around in her doll-stroller. While she was gone she made me promise to keep the stroller away from Elisheva. Like the responsible parent I am I let Elisheva scoot over to it and explore the stroller until I heard Lydia coming back down the stairs, and then grabbed the stroller from Elisheva and put it down across the room (don't worry, I gave a basket and a closed thing a glue in replacement for her to play with). When Lydia came back down she was very upset that I had moved the stroller away from Elisheva, instead of simply moving Elisheva far away from the stroller. In her upsetness Lydia dropped her doll on the ground and began telling Elisheva off. I suggested Lydia take her doll into the kitchen for a walk, far away from Elisheva, and Lydia looks at me, while patting her doll. "She's dead."

I love two year olds, sometimes.

With that thought I shall now motivate myself to leave the house, with two girls, in the snow, all to go and buy a Christmas Tree and some yarn to knit Elisheva's stocking. I usually only leave the house voluntarily without Avram to go to the Library. It's only been since moving here to Ohio that I've had to do this (yeah, I know, every other mom out there reading this who had two or more kids is laughing at me right now), since in England we didn't have a car, and so only once did I ever ride the bus alone with both Elisheva and Lydia (it was to surprise Avram after his final exam), and then in Virginia we were living with relatives. So basically I'm lazy. Plus the kids (and I) are still in our pajamas, although it's nine thirty in the morning. It's because Lydia and Elisheva were both up between 2 and 4 am, basically continuously. Elisheva's been teething (she has three teeth now), and Lydia decided it was time to get up. The only way I got her back to sleep was made a bed on the floor for her in our room. She's suddenly decided she doesn't like her bed in her room.

Normally Avram could take some time to come with me during the day, but this week he has a final on Thursday, plus he has to write a summary of a grammar article on Hebrew, and the article is written in French (better than the German one he was previously working on), so he's been pretty busy.

Oh, and for those who followed/care, we didn't get a fine at all. Everything worked out perfectly. Now my latest money worry is that so far we've been getting $250 more dollars a month than we should be from his stipend. Yeah, I know it sounds silly to worry about too much money, but I have to wonder why this is happening. For one thing, how can I spend money guilt free unless I know that I won't have to pay it back later? Good thing Avram is emailing to ask about all this hopefully today.

At least I was productive yesterday. Yesterday, the fabled Monday, I made homemade 100% whole wheat that I ground myself wheat bread, and I roasted a turkey and then de-meated it, and stored the meat in our freezer, and I did normal cleaning in the house. Plus I made homemade invitations to our Christmas Party we have every year, and I made a red and green Christmas chain with appropriate Scripture references on each one that go through the Christmas Story and all prophecies of Christ's birth (which we're going to use as a Countdown to Christmas with opening one link per day). Finally, much to Avram's continuing chagrin, I managed to work in Butternut Squash into the dinner menu. So I think I shall continue to rest on my laurels, and pretend that I don't actually need to do anything today.


  1. I'm very sorry to hear about the doll. I hope Lydia is coping okay.

  2. that christmas chain sounds awesome. I want to do that but i bet it took forever to get 25 things in order that you liked and write them all down. so maybe i think you should post the scripture each day for us blogg readers to enjoy with you :)

    LOl about the dead doll. kids are so weird.

  3. you kidding, if I did all that in a day I would take the rest of the week off. Well, not really because life has to go on, but I'd seriously consider it. And I wouldn't feel one bit guilty for settling on just one day off. Not one bit.