Sunday, December 7, 2008

Now You See Us

Alrighty, by popular (Aleatha's) demand, here are pictures of my house. In this post we'll display the living room. I'll do a three sixty layout. (These were taken at different times, so that'll explain some discrepancies).
Notice the lovely TV cabinet, complete with a TV, but still no DVD player, alas. The yellow circles on the door are Sunshines, from a Family Home Evening where we talked about our Family theme for the (school year) of 2008-2009. It's 1 Thessalonians 5:5 "Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness." So we talk with Lydia a lot about being Jesus' sunbeams.

Also notice the cool record player/CD player/tape player/radio. (The Nutcrackers are on it). Except the needle was damaged in the move, so we need to buy a new one before all our records will work again.
Here's the desk with our laptop, where all this blogging magic occurs. Notice the crooked Christmas tree.Be sure to see the nice pot that I obtained almost in exchange for Lydia's poor little life. It is a live tree with roots and all.
See the matching couches? Yes, I feel I've arrived. Of our last two couches one was yellow brocade (the rough, scratchy Seventies kind) and one was dark plaid. Avram's parents found these matching ones at a Goodwill for forty bucks each (they were way on sale). And they're in mint condition. Gotta love your thrift stores. It's hard to tell in the pictures, but they're narrowly striped tan and black.
The bottom stocking was the one I knitted for Lydia last Christmas. I'm currently furiously knitting a stocking for Elisheva, so that I can start on Avram's present of a scarf. It was going to be a surprise, but he's done with school (except he has to take two finals next Thursday, but he'll stay home studying until then), and I only babysit two days this month, so we're going to be in the same house for 24 hours a day until Christmas. I realized that I would never be able to knit without him seeing what it was to wake up in the middle of the night and knit from 1-4 am. And I am nothing if not a lazy giver/present maker/wife/mother. So, I just told him outright that I was going to make him a scarf. The book that inspired me for the pattern was knitting for your man for every stage of commitment. They have coasters after a first date, and a complicated boring old man cardigan when he gives you the ring. According to this book, the scarf I'm giving for Avram is appropriate for the level of commitment of a burger and a movie. I guess a temple marriage and two kids isn't enough to make me be able to knit Avram a sweater.

The chain hanging over the lamp is our Christmas scripture countdown chain.

And that is our living room. Now you know where the Shannon family magic takes place.


  1. I love your couches. I am envious.

    We did cover the hunter green couch with an olive green cover, so it doesn't clash so much with the yellow one. But I admit I will be excited to move and pick out some matching ones.

    The TV cabinet is beautiful, and I love all the wall decorations.

    Samuel says one of those nutcrackers is his. lol!

    Thanks for the pictures! :D

  2. I love your poor pathetic tree! hey maybe it will grow into its weirdness...I sure did!
    it is nice to finally "see" your place. I wish that I could come over and actually sit in there with you and your girls. I love you

  3. Yeah, apparently the Nutcracker accidentally got packed up with Avram's nutcrackers! We'll get it back to you next year, when you move to Ohio (right? right?)

  4. Don't you feel like a grown up now that you have stairs in your house? That was what did it for me. That and buying our fridge.

    And I love seeing my photography on your walls!

    Your house is really cute, and good job on the couches. That was a SWEET find! Matching couches go a long way in making a house a home, IMHO.

  5. hey thora i just had to say you are more cool than me. we have never had more than one couch in our home. I always want to get a love seat or a second couch but we never do. So we are just forced to be anti social becuase we cant have too many people over unless they want to sit on the floor! :) so one day when we move in texas i am going to have more sitting space in the sitting room. Oh and also i love the TV cabinent! really really nice!

  6. I had to laugh about your poor sad tree. I also bought a tree with roots. I was told it can only be in the house for five days or else it gets too dried out and all of the needles fall off and it dies so our tree is currently living on the patio. We could put lights on it but haven't yet. We get busy and it feels like we are never home--especially never home together to enjoy it. Are you planning to plant yours somewhere when you are done?

  7. Ooo...what a cozy, character filled home you have!

  8. I have to say, the couches are quite comfy, too!