Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Blurb of Thora

Busy, busy, busy. I've been such a blog neglector, lately. Considering I put my blog address on both our Christmas letter and in a blurb about me in the Relief Society Newsletter this month, I really ought to be better at writing. But... I'm still knitting Avram's scarf (and it's still only about 20 inches long. Did I mention I'm knitting Avram a scarf for Christmas? I can't even remember. But I am.). And I've participated in three Christmas parties in the last week and a half, one of which we hosted at our home, and was very nice. I love going to parties of any kind, Christmasy ones especially. And I've read three books, only one of which I really liked (Mistborn 3 by Brandon Sanderson). And we've been Christmas shopping and cleaning and cooking and, and, and. Plus the only babysitting day this month I ended up babysitting for a precious little Elliot, who had pedialite go through is system in ten minutes flat. The results were not pretty. Poor kid. Poor me, who likes to complain. Did I mention that Avram and I also played a Civilization IV game - except on normal setting, and not on Marathon like last year? See, I have been very busy, and I have also grown so much in maturity since last year, to play for so much less time. Avram and I think that Civ. IV should be our new Christmas vacation tradition.

And, I truly spent days, yes DAYS without even getting on the internet, let alone checking any sites. So, I just have been hoping that everyone else has been busy too, and haven't had time to notice my blog languishing in the twilight of the year and light. How randomly pagan of me.

We're goin on vacation for Christmas to Tennessee to Avram's grandparant's house, where we'll meet Avram's parents and sister. I suspect my computer time will continue to be erratic, so fare thee well. We leave Monday morning at 4:30 am because I think getting up early when I don't actually need to be sounds masochistically fun.

I'll leave you with the blurb of Thora, as told to my Relief Society:

Thora S. is married to Avram S. They have two daughters, Lydia Aurelia, who will be three in March, and Elisheva Anne, who is eight months old. Avram and Thora met at BYU in the medieval club, the Quill and the Sword. They married April 22, 2005 in the Salt Lake Temple (which was in her temple district, so it really was her temple). Thora is from Salt Lake City (the actual city!), Utah, where she grew up with four birth siblings and five step sisters. She majored in Near Eastern Studies at BYU, and graduated in 2005.

Since being married, Avram and Thora have lived in Provo, Utah, Northern Virginia, Oxford, England, and now Columbus, Ohio. Avram just began a Phd program in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures at the Ohio State University, which will take six years. Thora is looking forward to settling down here in Ohio; she loves all the trees, and the ward (and the midwest prices!).

Thora has a lot of hobbies. She loves to cook, especially bread, and has been working on becoming better at desserts lately. So if you ever want some dessert just stop by her house; she gets tired of trying to eat all of her creations herself! Thora also loves to read to distraction, and will read any fiction from Mormon romances to Fantasy to Historical Fiction to classics. She's been knitting for a year, and is desparately trying to finish a scarf for Avram for Christmas. Thora also blogs on the internet, at When not pursuing all her interests, Thora is a homemaker and part time babysitter.

Thora loves to talk a lot, but don't let that put you off; she likes to listen as well, you just have to be an assertive speaker. She also sometimes interrupts (sorry - still working on this one. You'd think that being an adult would grant one freedom from the trial's of ones youth, but no such luck). Thora used to be a social butterfly, but is learning that when your kids have a bedtime of 7:30 pm your social life tends to be very limited. Thora wants to be good at service, but never knows what to do, so if you ever need some help, please ask!

(Oh, and PS, I really do love Christmas. It's my favorite holiday of the year. And I love how aware of it Lydia is this year. A few days ago Avram came upon her in the kitchen where she was "writing." He asked her what she was writing and she told him it was Luke, 1:2. He asked her what it said, and she said, "Jesus loves us." How cute, and how spiritual.)


  1. "Thora loves to talk a lot, but don't let that put you off; she likes to listen as well, you just have to be an assertive speaker. " I love this line thora, too funny! and true.. for all us poor stoutners i am afraid! How come we all talk to much??

    I hope you have a lovely christmas in tennesee. I dont envy the early morning on monday though, ugh!!

    Love you! and i hope you get a pomogranit for christmas. :)

  2. Where is the December newsletter? I can't find it on the yahoo group. Are they waiting until January to send it because were all such slackers in December :)