Friday, August 8, 2008

Ramblings in the Wee Hours

Here I am at o'dark thirty, up because Elisheva was fussy before six, and by the time that she fell asleep again, I was so awake I decided to get up. I'm not a morning person in that I don't like getting up early - but once I am up, I really love early morning (hush for those of you, like my mother, who don't think that getting up at 6:10 counts as really early). It's nice, and silent, and still cool outside, and I can use the Internet all by myself.

In updates from my Meta-Stress, Camilla had her baby, Preston Arthur, born at 11:08 pm on August 6. He was 8 lbs 3 oz and 20 1/2 inches long. Talking to her yesterday made me want a new baby, which is funny, because I only have a three month old, and we spent most of the conversation talking about labor, which I don't want. But I love holding a brand new baby, and knowing that a few minutes ago I only had one child, but now I have two, and seeing their wrinkly little face and small rootings and everything. Now I'm starting to sound like Pioneer Woman. And although Elisheva is still very much a baby, she's not a newborn at all anymore.

We still haven't received the application for housing in the mail (I had her read off my address to me last Friday, and it was correct, so I don't know what the problem is). So Avram downloaded a free fax thingy that accepts faxes, and then sends them to your email. Then yesterday I had the manager fax it to me, and voila, I finally filled out the application yesterday. We'll send it back today, and then everything should be amazing. I think that I'm going to write a second post now. Sit tight.

Oh, Matt, you've just confirmed my fears that I'm ruining my daughter's intelligence. She just likes Elmo so much; I think it's ingrained in small children, really.


  1. Don't let Matt be too hard on you. He listened almost exclusively to music from musicals as a child (until he discovered Eric Clapton).

  2. I don't have as much a problem with Elmo as I do with teletubbies. Not only do you get things once, you get them twice or even three times in a row, identically performed. I would choose Elmo over teletubbies anyday.

  3. Lest you be misled by my husband's post--Willow does not actually know either Elmo or Tellytubbies. We don't have a television connection, only a VCR/DVD player, so we don't see anything we haven't purchased, rented, borrowed, or checked out from the library. Quite frankly, I never even think about getting any TV material for Willow, or Music, either. She loves to listen to Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band. I guess what really allows me to take this high road is that my sister lives upstairs, so I don't need an electronic babysitter when I want to rest or take a shower. Gee, I sure do love my living arrangement.

    My sister also just had a baby--July 29th. We visited her at the hospital later that day, and I just remember holding him and him beginning to cry and having overwhelming urges to nurse him myself instead of pass him off to his mom. I think my body is gearing itself up for a new little one. good thing we have one on the way...

  4. hmmmm so since Elisheva is not a newborn anymore how about a recent picture so we can see her??

    I love new babies too.. enjoying mine to the utmost. I am amazed there are women out there with the stregth to have but one child. The longing for another little baby is so strong. I am already sad about Preston growing up... and he is only 1 week old!

    Oh and dont worry.. kids like things like elmo. my boys are both enthralled with thomas the train. and porter is always talking star wars.. walks around singing the music from it ( dun dun dun, bun da dun dada dun) and i never even watched this movie till i was married to cory so its weird for me that my three year old is so obsessed with it already.