Friday, August 8, 2008


1.My brother-in-law Samuel called yesterday, and no other adult was home, so we talked for a while. I really like to talk to Samuel, because we became good friends at BYU - after all, Avram and Samuel are best friends. For the first two years of our marriage, the person we saw the most outside of each other was Samuel, so in my life he was one of my closest friends. Have you ever known siblings who are truly each other's best friends? They are. Although I think that some in my family are that close too. Samuel and I almost never talk on the phone though; he usually talks to his mom or to Avram - which is fine and understandable. But sometimes, I like it when he calls and no one else is home, because then we get to talk. For one thing, we talk about role-playing, and our characters. And usually I only get to talk to Avram about that, so it's nice having a different viewpoint.

2.When people around me who don't understand reading blogs see me on the computer, it makes me self-conscious abut it, because I know that they think that I'm wasting my time. But then they read magazines, or the newspaper, or whatnot, and I really think that blogs are better than most magazine articles. More typos, but less blah blah.

3.I'm really excited for Avram to start school again; he really only thrives when he's attending school. Good thing he's getting a Phd, huh? And then he can become a professor, and never stop going to school. During Summers he gets aimless and goes crazy, although in the last few days he's attached himself to a history of Elizabeth I and so has some direction.

4.Lydia was waking in the middle of every night, and coming to sleep with us. But Avram, Elisheva, Lydia and I do not all fit on a double bed. Avram actually moved to the floor several times. So several days ago we put the round plastic cover things on the doorknob that make it so a kid can't open it, and although she got up the first night and rattled it while screaming for Daddy, since then she's slept like a charm.

5.There was a news article in the newspaper a few days ago about a missing women who had been gone for three years (although never reported), and the police found her in the freezer of her husband. For some reason this has stuck with me; the grossness of it all.

6.When I was pregnant with Lydia and used to have weird hormone-induced thoughts, I worried that somehow I would stick Lydia in the freezer once she was born. On accident, of course. Also, I worried that somehow I would accidentally put her in the oven. Avram joked about it once, to make me feel better, when we were looking in our oven after a cycle of self clean. It didn't make me feel better; I almost started crying.

7.I'm weird when I'm pregnant.

8.I've never stuck Lydia or Elisheva in the freezer, fridge, oven or microwave.

9.Now that I'm attached to Mormon Mommy Blogs, I've been getting new people looking at my blog. It makes me excited. Also, because the blog lists the titles and first lines of the most recent posts, I often consider how exciting and catchy my title and first line are.

10.This post fails that check. (Not that Samuel isn't exciting. But it should be something like, Now that I've won a Million Dollars... or, I See Dead People...).

11.I don't see dead people, but I've always been terrified that I will. When we lived in England there was supposed to be a ghost of a rector in our 350 year old home (that had been a vicarage for 320 years of its existence). I never wrote about that ghost while living there, because I was scared somehow that it would know I wrote about it. The ghost was supposed to haunt the stairs, and there were two staircases in the home, and I always hoped it was the staircase that wasn't part of our apartment.

12.Wouldn't a rector ghost be friendly? I always hoped that if I did meet him, he would tell me to read the bible, or something.

13.I believe in ghosts. I have a lot of dreams about meeting ghosts. And I believe theologically that spirits after they die who can stick around here, usually as a sort of spirit prison. Not to mention the legions of the never-born hosts of Lucifer. I believe that you could only see ghosts if you believe in them - otherwise you wouldn't believe that what you were seeing was a ghost.

14.I hate being caught in my own catch-22s, because this means that I would be able to see ghosts.

15.What have you always wanted to know about me and my thoughts? If you ask me any question in the comments I'll answer it completely, fully, and with all disclosure.


  1. I like talking to you too Thora. I miss all of you, not just Avram.

  2. Okay, you are officially my favourite new blog discovery. Only because you remind me of me, though. I'm self-centered like that.

    Number two hit home the hardest, and I love the point you make about people reading newspapers and magazines and whatnots. With blogs you can get a real connection with another human being, and for a socially reclusive stay at homer like myself that's such a lovely benefit.

  3. Kimberly, I'm really self-centered in blog reading, so I know what you mean. Sometimes when I read a blog I don't connect with, and then I come and read my own posts I'm like, "Oh, yeah, that's the kind of writing I like." And then I pat myself on the back.

  4. OK, here's my deep, nuanced question for you. Why in the world do you have comments on pop-up?

    Let's see...a real question...How many people are in each of your families?

    Or if you don't like that one, how about: Working on the assumption that all numbers bring a color to mind, what color is nine?

  5. Finally, questions! I was beginning to think that my life was an open book, and one that had already been read.

    I have my questions on pop-up because I was hoping that it would load faster than a whole nother page, because we only have dial-up Internet, because we live in the country. Avram hates it, though, so it'll probably move back the other way soon.

    My mother and father had five children. A boy, three girls, and another boy. I was the second girl. Then when I was six, my parents divorced, and my mom remarried when I was nine. Don had five daughters, four of whom lived at home (and he had custody). So from then on, I had 10 kids in my family, but only 9 of us lived all together. So if you ask me where I am in my family, I'll say third out of five. If you ask me how many kids are in my family, I say ten. If you ask me how many kids I grew up with, I'll say nine. I look like a pathological liar, but really it's my life that's confused and not me.

    I don't think that numbers have color, I think they have sex. As in male, female, that is. Nine is male. Four is female. It's that R. I think the letter R is female. That's why I want a daughter with an R in her name (I know neither Lydia or Elisheva have an R, but it's just not that easy to name children - you know, you have six).

  6. It's funny the comments about pop-up comments instead of their own page. I started catching up on your blog today, and reading all of the comments like I always do, and after a couple I was so impressed that I went to both of my blogs and changed them to pop-up comments. I like it because you can still see the blog behind it while you comment and you don't have to re-load the blog when you are done with the comments and want to go back to it. The end.

  7. okay when i read your comment about patting your self on the back i laughed so loudly that i started Preston awake who was sleeping in my arms after a nice nurse session. You crack me up Thora.

    hmm i find it intersting you say you were 6 when the parents divorced. I know this is technically correct as i was 8 when it finalized. But i always say i was 6 when i tell the story because its easier to just say when i was 6 my parents divorced and we moved to utah... then to say when i was 6 my mom finally did a long distance separation from my father and we saw him from then on twice a year about and two years later they did the divorce paperwork finally. anyways just thought it interesting we say we were the same age when our parents divorced even though i am 2 years older than you.

    I believe in ghosts. I saw grandpa porter. I dont like seeing dead people. its creepy. I would not advise it personally.

    oh and you are weird all the time, not just when you are pregnant!! lol.... hehehe.... ;)