Friday, August 1, 2008


I'm having a meta-stressful day. It's where many things are on my mind, but it's not like I'm doing (whether through ability or laziness) anything about them.

My sister Camilla was due on Monday, but I had a dream when she was only about six weeks along that she was pregnant, and due in August. This is before she had told the family she was pregnant, so it was very prophetic. Except, today is August first, so her baby Preston can come, already. I called her today, and she didn't answer her phone. So I momentarily panicked, and thought she might be in the hospital in labour, so I called my Mom. Who also didn't answer. I'd say this was a sure sign, except I called another sister, and she hasn't heard anything about any labour, so they were probably just taking the garbage out. Or at the hospital. I can't decide.

Then, in this last week, three months post-partem from dear Elisheva, I went and got extra stretch marks on my abdomen (isn't that an odd word? I think I should use the ant word instead; I got them on my thorax.) It's not fair! I'm significantly smaller than I was when I was nine months pregnant, so why do the fates of the universe do this to me? I'm aware that this is a very shallow stress. That's why it's only meta. After all, I'm not exactly going out to exercise in the hundred degree heat with the ticks, or anything. And I am unable to confirm my alleged eating of multiple rice krispie treats today. (So I promise not to turn this into a blog of my weight issues from having children. I find this a very tiresome topic, and very discouraging to people without children. After all, as a person am I defined by my stomach either before or after a baby? I really don't have weight issues at all; I weigh less than I did in high school (I gained the freshman fifteen in high school, and lost it in college. I'm weird like that), and I don't think my children ruined my figure.)

Even if I worried about my weight/looks, I've found reading about other's issues on this subject to be boring and monotonous. They belong to the holy trinity of topics to not blog about (in my book. Or blog, as the case may be). They are; weight, money (specifically money stress), and my physical romantic (intimate, for the Mormons) life.

And finally, we asked a week ago for an application for the apartment to be mailed to us, and nothing has come. Hoping that I didn't come across as an Undesirable, I called again today, and the friendly manager had sent it, last Friday! I think the post office ate it. So she's sending another one, but of course now I'm imagining not being approved in time, and having to go somewhere else overpriced and undersafe.

Please, feel free to meta-stress with me. It's mostly composed of surfing the Internet, rocking Elisheva in her bouncy chair with my foot, and eating the occasional rice krispie treat, all while pondering these topics.

What are your meta-stresses?


  1. Wow, that's a question that could open a considerably large can of worms in the lives of many. I've come to learn (several times in my life in fact) that not only does everybody make mistakes, but everybody has stresses and problems as well. The peach may be soft and fuzzy on the outside, it may even taste really good, but there is still an undesirable hard pit in the middle. No one likes to swallow the pit; but like the pit, more great things can grow from our stresses if we can just hold on. Good luck with life and the new birth(s).

  2. well right now my only stress that i seem to think about is if this kid will ever come out!! before wednesday hopefully so i dont have to have the dreaded pitocin.

    oh and i am a little bit stressed about the state of my house and the fact that people from my ward may come and see it after i have the baby, but i am not stressed enough about it to actually make it look spotless.

    oh and just for you a mini update: its 2 am MST and i am awake at home not having my baby. i have been having contractions on and off all day long and night. The past four hours they have been 3-7 minutes apart with strong tightness in my stomach crampy in my back and lower abdomen and a little pain in the pelvis area. is this real labor? who knows!! I swear i should since this is my fourth kid but i still dont know. driving up to the hospital (30 minute drive) so they can tell me i am dilated to a 2 and go home doesnt sound appealing. So i sit and wait and hope they get strong enough i want to die ( which means i am close to an 8) or maybe if my water would just break then i would know for sure this was it. Anyways dont get your hopes up... i seem to be having alot of this prodomal labor with preston. i think i may try to sleep, and if i fall asleep after a while its not real i guess.

  3. I found a gray hair the other day. Does that count?

  4. So...let me get this straight. You don't want to hear about the 150 pounds I have to lose and how putting 275 on my driver's license the other day was traumatic yet liberating. Or how my family's budget causes the angels to cry. But that it's all OK because my husband and I have a joyous physical relationship? Alrighty then I will not talk or write about that. Just for you. :)

  5. If it involves eating rice krispie treats then I will come and stress (or meta-stress) with you any time.

  6. This is just a comment for Camilla (hopefully she comes back and reads it some time)--What you are describing is "real" labor! It's just early labor, which can last for days, so they like to call it "not real" which makes you feel entirely invalid and rediculous for regarding it. But it is real, and you are doing exactly what you should be (trying to sleep and go on with life, even though you are in early labor).