Monday, August 4, 2008

Blather from the Underground

I checked my Google Analytics, and decided to write a post so all my readers didn't abandon me. Now I just have to come up with a topic. I'm all out of rants. Okay, that's not really true, but I can't think of a way to talk about most of them.

Plus I'm trying to watch MASH the television show at the same time, and multi-tasking in your entertainments doesn't really work. For example, I mis-spelled both television and entertainment in the last sentence.

Yesterday we watched "The Phone Call," a BYU film production from 1977. If you haven't seen it, then you should, because it's hilarious. After all, every movie with the soundtrack composed of a bassoon is worth seeing. We also watched Jonny Lingo (the short, not the recent one). We're trying to doctrinate our daughter Lydia in Mormon culture. I remember one ward in my stake decorated their campsite one Young Women's Camp with Cows, to represent their eight-cow wifeness.

Avram got my ring for a really good deal (after Christmas sale) and it's a sapphire, not a diamond, so it was very frugal. Does this mean I'm only a three cow wife? I hope not. Although I'm currently ring-less. (I bought my wife with blood, sweat and tears--I don't know how many cows that is, but it's lots. -ARS.) (I actually don't don't think I'm a three cow wife at all, and I love my ring, and my husband).

One day in February I was drifting in and out of pregnancy and anemia-induced sleep, and Lydia was pulling my ring on and off my finger in fascination. I drifted into deeper sleep. I woke up, and found my ring that evening, on the floor, the normal round shape turned into a new, pointed oval shape.

The mind boggles. My mind boggled. I still don't know what Lydia did to my poor, undeserving ring. But it's completely un-wearable, and so until we get it re-wearable, people think that I have a "partner" not a husband, and my maiden name is Shannon. I always make sure to mention "my Husband" a lot, so no one thinks I obtained these two girls on my own.

So I hope I've convinced you to add my blog to your reader, make you my best friend, or at least not give up on. me. Catch you next time, and I'll hand out free peanuts. Call it a giveaway.


  1. Hey we can go ringless together! I can't wear mine either. My fingers are swollen and so I took my ring off a long time ago. I feel really weird without my ring. Plus being pregnant and walking around with a married guy it looks like Ben is out with his knocked up mistress :)
    Oh well I try to mention my husband a lot too.
    I love you and I hope that you can get your ring fixed. It was so pritty.
    p.s. I think that the material worth of the ring is not directly related to the worth of the wife. You are and 8 cow wifey in my book!
    love ya!

  2. Sapphires are way cooler than diamonds. (I have an emerald -- synthetic, even, which means nobody had to go into the ground and get dirty to find it, so I guess that's good. Right?) (I did ask for this ring, so my husband's compliant, not cheap.)

  3. #1. My ring is a sapphire too! Unwearable due to fat fingers. :(
    #2. Don't take the stat drop personally it's slow all around. More than half of Europe and the US are on vacation right now.
    #3. I've been reading your blog since I found it. It makes me smile.

  4. Awww, I love the comments. I've been reading your blog, Jami, since you commented on my blog, so see what commenting does? (PS, my husband was homeschooled, and he went to Oxford. He really likes homeschooling).

    Also, I wanted the sapphire, so he was compliant as well. Avram's Mom's wedding ring is also a Chatham (that's what she calls the synthetic gems) Emerald ring.

    All this talk about rings really makes me miss mine. Anyone know how much it would cost to get it re-roundified?

  5. I don't know how much it would cost, but I got my rings welded together (they're "squared off" at the bottom, so the wedding band would spin around and look/feel funny) and the two arms on either side of the diamond bent back in shape (I knocked them somehow so they were crooked) and got it polished up and it all cost some $30. So maybe it would be about the same? It was way cheaper than I'd expected. I bet as long as they don't have to replace the whole band it would be cheap like that.

  6. Oh, and mine is a diamond, as Thora well knows. It is the perfect cut and size (round; small). I would have taken about anything, though. Seriously, almost all gems are beautiful. But I wanted a traditional matching set: round band + solitaire engagement ring, so that limited my options somewhat. It's kind of weird, though, that I wanted a "traditional" ring, but I hardly see it on anyone else, and Samuel said he had a hard time finding one. I think the most popular ring I see is the three-diamond one, with a big diamond in the middle. Square cut also seems to be popular, with a thick band.

  7. Ha! I guess I am in with the crowd. I cant wear my ring either! But mine is too big. My finger got smaller after each pregnancy.

  8. My ring has no stone at all, it is just two gold wires (one white, one yellow) twisted around each other and it is exactly what I wanted.
    You know, I don't think I am an 8-cow wife. This is not for lack of self esteem, but rather the opposite. Johnny Lingo paid 8 cows for Mahana because she was depressed and self-depreciative. I never needed my husband to tell me I was worth something, I already knew it. I think I would have been the kind of fiancee telling my soon-to-be-husband on the day before the negotiations, "I think you can get him down to one cow, or maybe a cow and a half. Heck, no, don't give him any more than that, whatever's left over we get to keep, remember!"