Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Et Cetera

I like to write. All the time. Good thing I have this great blog thingy to sop up all my excess thoughts, huh?

Some thoughts on my mind right now:

1. My Google reader isn't working. How can it not be working? How can I function in my life on the Internet without it? I cannot actually be expected to hand check every blog out there, can I? That would be like running the electricity in my house by riding a bicycle attached to electric thingies - unacceptable! (My italics are stuck on, too. I'm like the Anne's "friend" who talked in italics). So I'm sorry if you get no comments from me; you need to complain to my broken Google Reader.

2. My very own Avram is out right now, getting his driver's license! This day has been many years, maybe even decades coming - he is 27, after all. I'm very proud of him doing this, although he doesn't want one, but is doing it anyway. And then we can equal opportunity avoid driving, because I don't like to drive either.

3. We are in the midst of going to the mountains of bureaucratic steps involved in moving a car to Ohio that had Utah plates where the Utah registration was rescinded over a year ago, that is currently sitting in Virginia, but has nothing to do with Virginia, and that we'd have to personally go to Ohio to get a trip registration for the car to....drive it to Ohio. I love catch 22s. We were going to buy a three day permit for situations like this, but although the website for Virginia DMV says that we can get one for moving from Virginia, the women on the phone said it's only for moving in Virginia. Plus we would need to get two of these permits, so that we can get our battery checked out at the mechanics, because it's not staying charged now that our car has just sat for a year. Soooo, we need to get that done before we leave. I hate cars. They are like gigantic money buckets, and that's even before we add the issue of buying gas in.

Currently we're going to register our car in Virginia instead of trying to get two permits (good thing Avram became a Virginia resident when he got his learner's permit when we came here before), and get it Virginia plates and everything, and then move, and in a week and a half re-register it in Ohio all over again with Ohio plates. Somebody shoot me. Or my car. But make sure that you have good insurance, so your insurance will pay for a new car for us.

4. My 300 or so chigger bites are still there, especially the rings of fire around my respective ankles, but they are going down, and I can sleep at night, now. So I won't cut off my legs, and I will remember this fondly, or at least with humor, in ten years or so.

5. I have a current obsession with pepperoncinis, also called mild pepper rings. I put them on all my sandwiches and I love them. This is slightly funny, because I hate pickles, and anything that is picked, vinegary, or briny. Except pepperoncinis. They're yummy, and crunchy and slightly tart-like and they only have 5 calories a serving, unlike my other favorite condiment, Best Foods (or Hellman's) mayonnaise, that has a whopping 45 calories a serving.

6. Having house visitors leave makes me feel all directionless. I'm not exactly sure what I aught to be doing. Laundry, probably. And packing for our big move, and something else, something big, but I can't think of exactly what. Oh, yeah, get off the computer and be productive. That would be good.


  1. most states allow 6 months for you to get plates for your car when moving into the state. SO since you have to pay all that money to register it in VA I would wait 6 mo to re-register it in Ohio

  2. Thora--what happened to your blog? where are all the links, and the ability to see past posts? and the info about you? I miss it. I love pickles recently. and sauerkraut. I think this baby must need high concentrations of vinegar for some reason. My sister's baby-in-the-making needs lots of hash browns right now. We have them for breakfast every day.
    Um. The end.

  3. we waited until our utah plates were up before we registered in Ohio. It only really matters for you if you're trying to get in-state tuition, but from what I've heard Avram doesn't need to worry about that. Also, Ohio does it so that your registration expires on the birthday of one of the car owners (you can choose which one). For example, we registered our cars in December I think, but we only paid for half a year because my birthday's in June. Does that make sense?
    By the way, I suppose you could put it in a U-haul to get it out here, but maybe you've already thought of that.
    Let us know when you're getting here, so we can help out!

  4. I forgot to add: for some reason pepperoncinis are really big here in Columbus. They're even a popular pizza topping! But I think they call them something different, don't remember what. Anyway, good luck with all the preparations for the move!

  5. www.bloglines.com - better than google reader, methinks. I find it easier to use, anyway.

    Good luck with attempts to be productive. I'm going to be as well. As soon as I get through the 33 posts in my reader.

    Darn you all for being so lovely and fascinating!