Friday, August 15, 2008

All Things Lydia

My brain is on only half capacity today, so I may make illogical statements and have horrendous run-on sentences. Subject of the day? Lydia. She'll be two and a half Sept. 2, and has begun using sentences with verbs. On the way home from church recently she was licking a sucker that a sister at Church had given her. Every few minutes she would turn to me and say, "I lofve it, Mama, I lofve it!" She loves to "lofve" things. She also often says, "Don't want it! Don't want it!" although that's usually a must-have, like naps, so she gets it anyway.

I love being able to hold real conversations with her; I suddenly feel like we've entered the rennaissance of toddlerhood, after the long tunnel of dark ages that has been since she had a decided opinion, but couldn't express it. Lydia still has a decided opinion. Over all she's very obedient, but she does have the common streak of her age of wanting to do everything herself, "I do it! I do it!" (You'll note that she usually expresses her thoughts at least twice, but sometimes in a monotony until you recognize her thought by repeating it back to her, and then she'll stop.

Lydia love bikerides with her grandpa (She rides in a trailer in the back).
Her other hobby is posing for pictures.Yesterday at a Young Women's presidency meeting in front everyone she yelled out "Tick!" and then proceeded to pick a pretend tick off her arm, rip off its head (how Avram kills them), and then throw the pieces away.

Lydia loves to play pretend. She finds pretend ticks all the time. She also, in imation of her diabetic grandma, takes an empty tester, "pokes" her finger, shows us the pretend blood, and then pretends to suck off any extra blood.

That's my daughter, you can take her anywhere.

Lydia loves Elisheva.
Lydia finally both sleeps through the night and doesn't cry when we put her down to sleep for either naps or bed. I feel like we've reached a great milestone in life.

She desparately wants to be potty trained. She loves her chair, she loves her underwear (that she never gets to wear), and she loves every part of potty training; sitting on the chair, all things toilet paper, flushing, washing hands.

There's only one problem; Lydia can't for the life of her tell when she needs to go. So despite the long hours she's spent voluntarily sitting on her chair, nothering has every happened there. I keep hoping someday something will occur on accident, and then maybe we can get somewhere with this whole potty-training thing.

In other news, we have an apartment, we move on September fifth, and basically our whole future life is settled, which I'm extremely grateful for. Now I can go back to putting myself to sleep by mentally decorating my townhome apartment. It's very relaxing and puts me right to sleep (I've never really gotten past the living room), but when everything was up in the air, it just make me more anxious and awake.

I'll leave you with more Lydia cuteness.


  1. Very Cute and wonderful to hear about Lydia.
    Elisheva looks a lot like Avram for some reason I noticed but in a very cute little girl way.
    I'm sure potty training will come. Feel lucky though they say little girls are easier than little boys.
    Hans however does love to play with the potty and the toilet paper.

  2. Yeah! Finally some news about the girls. (Though not much about Elisheva except a picture. She is so cute and so different than Lydia.) We really get hungry to hear these details.

  3. I was happy to see this post. just yesterday mom and I were talking about how we wanted to hear more about your girls! I guess you read minds, huh? i think we need some more photos.. maybe a video? your girls are so cute and i just dont get any girl cuteness at my house!

    I love hearing the cute things lydia does.. the tick thing cracks me up! Kids are so observant and such copy cats!

    sept 5th huh.. not to long now! So will avram have his licence then so he can help drive out?

  4. Hey Thora, you're little girls are so freaking cute!!!You are so great at writing. I love to hear your opinions. Thanks for all you do.