Monday, September 14, 2015

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Morning

It's just been one of those days. Lydia woke up at six am hungry, and I went and slapped a loaf of bread on the kitchen table, told her to eat it, and went to bed. But then she woke up Elisheva, and finally (thankfully) Avram got up with the girls and let me sleep. He leaves for school at 7:30, and I kept sleeping for another hour and a half. When I got up, there were a pair of kitchen shears on the toilet. I asked Lydia what they were doing there, and she proudly showed me the kool-aid she'd made herself (using a kool-aid single from Avram's scout camping trip the week before, plus about 1/6 of the water - from the bathroom sink - she's supposed to use).

Also, Avram got a scholarship for next year from the Melton Center, a Jewish center at OSU. They are having an award program and dinner tonight, and our babysitter called up today and said that her kids are sick, so could she come over here and babysit, while leaving her kids at home. That's no problem at all, except now I need to clean our house - not because she would care, but because I care. And the bathroom looks like a nuclear fall-out occurred there, and I don't clean bathrooms (yes, I'm lame), and Avram won't be home at all - I'm meeting him on campus.

And then I went to take Lydia to playschool, and our car had been broken into. Except there was no sign of forced entry, so maybe we left a door unlocked. I always lock the car, but with being eight months pregnant with two kids, I cannot honestly say I even remember always what I am doing. Anyway, there was absolutely nothing in our car to steal, unless you like scratched up CDs without any cases of the Muppet Show and the Messiah, plus two car seats for a four year old and a two year old. The thief didn't want any of this, but he (I'm assuming it was a he - I guess I'm just a misandrist), but he did take a little car kit my mom made me, with things like a pen and sticky notes and a little mending kit and band-aids. Guess he didn't even want that, since about five minutes later I found it laying in the parking lot by my car. So sum total - I was robbed, but not really, because I had nothing to steal. I still feel violated though. And angry.

I know I should forgive, and everything, and I definitely plan to - in a couple of hours, maybe. Right now I just want to be frustrated, and angry, and lay in a supply of bb pellets (plus gun), so I can hit all the people of the world who steal things.

Ok, so I feel a little better having ranted a bit. And I'm sure things will get better. Or at least a little cleaner (excepting the bathroom). And I don't have to make dinner tonight, and get to go out with Avram, and it's all free, so that has to count for something, right?

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