Monday, September 14, 2015


While the rest of Western America enters Spring, we here in the Eastern part of the country continue to participate in activities like sledding.A friend of ours in the ward invited us to her house, where her husband built a snow hill in their backyard perfect for children and innertubes.

Meanwhile, the Russian Roulette that continues to be Avram's funding always provides us a source of excitement in our lives. The class Avram is slated to teach for Spring Quarter has 20 people in it - a good thing. Especially since the department needs to find ways to save some money, and has talked specifically about getting rid of his class. For the last couple of weeks we've checked the class almost daily, praying for the numbers to increase past the point of no cancellation (whatever magic number that maybe).

Life isn't all gloom and doom. For one thing, the sun is out today, and I have fond hopes that Spring may yet come, despite the six weeks of Winter we're definitely getting thanks to Punxatawny Phil.

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