Monday, September 14, 2015

Explanation for my panicked pleas on Facebook (hint, it involves lots of Strep, Hospitalness and antibiotics).

So (this is especially for those who were up in the middle of the night especially, and saw my desperate plea for online distraction, which I then deleted because I was sure that I was being overly dramatic....) Avram took me to the ER yesterday morning, and yup, I had strep. Plus Uvulitis (the dangly thingy in the back of your throat). And they gave me fluids, and steroids (which opened the back of my throat, and after a few hours let me actually swallow again, with the added bonus of not having to use a suction wand to constantly put out my saliva so I wouldn't drool), and two kinds of Antibiotics (one type for each infection), AND they bent over backwards to make it work well for me to have a nursing baby with me, and they kept me for 24 hours for watchings and stuff (and to check on my kidneys, which weren't doing so well, but now are improving).

Maybe I wasn't being too dramatic after all.  But for the love, people, if you are on the internet in the middle of the night because you can't swallow, and therefore can't sleep because you will start choking on your saliva, even while sitting up - please don't be stupid like me and think you should just wait and go to the doctor. Take this as a sign that you should go to ER, because your doctor can't help your throat open anyway.

But now I am home, and feeling at least 50% better, and my kids are all farmed out to amazing people, and our relief society is bringing in meals for the next couple of days, which is great because Avram had to fly out to Israel yesterday for a conference, so I am flying solo (but not really, because I actually am receiving a ton of help.)

I am so grateful right now. Grateful for antibiotics, and steriods. I officially rescind everything I have ever said about wanting to be a pioneer - sorry, Antibiotics triumph over all.  Grateful for all the help that we have received.

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